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Hi! I'm new around so I apologize if my question doesn't belong here. I tried google it but I got confused.

I have a 3DS xl with many downloaded games on my SD card. I have just ordered a new nintendo 3ds xl, animal crossing edition, where the AC game is already pre installed on the SD card that comes with the new 3ds. My questions are:

1. How do I transfer the game to the old SD cards with the other games?
2. After I've gotten the new game to the old SD card, do I just system transfer from the old DS to the new?
3. Do I need to have a memory card in both systems for the system transfer to work, or do I move the old card to the new system before transferring?

Thanks in advance.



Most of the info is covered in the customer service section of the Nintendo website, but let me try real quick.

1. You won't transfer the game to your old card, you'll transfer your old card data to the new system.
2. Since you won't do 1, then kinda yes, you'll just system transfer.
3. Oh yes, you definitely need a card in both systems, and DON'T move the card from the new system to the old system when you get it. It's a bit more complicated than that.

I believe that all relevant info will be found here:

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@muhep I believe I should have specified something. The card I have in my current 3ds is 32gb. The card that the game comes on is 4gb and far from enough for my games. That's why I need to get it all on the 32gb card, as in, I gotta get the new game over to the other card. Then I need to add, should I order a new 32gb card then for the new system, as you say I need a card in both systems?



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