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Does Final Fantasy IX count? Because that's what I want. ;o;

And that's the only one from the top of my head.


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Final Fantasy VI remake or a localized port of suikoden I + II that was released for PSP in Japan only....

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Dragon Quest IX.

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As for ports, I'd love to see Final Fantasy X, Tales of Symphonia, and the Chaos Rings trilogy.

As for remakes, I'd enjoy remakes of Sword of Mana (GBA), Pokémon R/S/E (GBA), and Final Fantasy VI (SNES).


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ni no kuni.

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A Suikoden game, any Suikoden game (well, maybe not IV), would be very welcome in my 3DS collection.

Especially II, since it's apparently the best entry in the series, it's never seen any sort of re-release in the West (not even a PSN port) and any available copy is incredibly difficult to come across, not to mention very expensive. Even a port of the Japanese-only PSP Suikoden I & II double pack would be fantastic.

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FF 6-9 remakes I mean they were making remakes on the DS why not just keep it going on the 3DS? Tales of Symphonia port. Paper Mario N64 on 3DS VC. KH 1-2 ports. A sequel to Radiant Historia. Persona 4: The Golden port, Dragon Quest 8 port. Skies of Arcadia remake. TWEWY sequel. Golden Sun, Mario and Luigi Partners in time on GBA VC and probably some other one I can't think of.

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Suikoden II is pretty glorious. If something happened to my PS1 disc, I am pretty sure I would consider buying another one, even for what it trades for used.

I imported Suikoden I & II back when it was new from Play-Asia and it is pretty swell. Be nice to see it get localized in English.

NES, GB, SNES...I'd like to see all those RPGs come to the 3DS Virtual Console. But I'd settle for the Final Fantasy GBA lineup. I own them all but the GBA stays at home these days.

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