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Well you might have heard by now that aren't very many gen 6 Pokemon. Do you think that they might have more pokemon for gen 6 by DLC now? Can the eShop even do that?

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....gamefreak said they are not puting in dlc(at least paid...they might do a arceus once more)


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In terms of more pokemon... there could be 2-6 special event pokemon coming down the road, but that's it.

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They could add in some more clothes or some accessories that the Pokemon can wear during battle, also a Mii head/mask would be nice.

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No, bad idea.

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My suspicion is that any extra Pokemon will be added via a third version/direct sequels. After all, they've said they're not gonna be selling DLC, but the idea I mentioned would basically let them sell 'necessary' content for about 50 dollars.

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