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Now, perhaps i am the odd one out, but the ENTIRE reason I've spent my money on the 3DS was because of the announced Paper Mario 3DS. Paper Mario is my favorite gaming series of ALL time, and to be completely honest, I have no idea why i like it so much! It's just fun!
Anyhow, i was curios to if anyone else shares this excitement i do!
and to find out if it has ANY release date yet.



The only paper mario game i played was Super Paper Mario. I thought it was good but I have nothing to compare it to. Having said that I'm definately looking foreward to it on 3DS!



I can understand why you like it so much. RPG's are fun and the story and humor is hilarious.


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Yep. Chain Chomp partner pretty much guarantees a purchase.

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the Paper Mario 3DS thread is here if you'd like to see all the other people on the forums who've also been excited for this game, lol. unfortunately, there's no release date information yet, but i know i can't be the only one hoping for more info at E3 this year :3

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