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Hi guys. I'm new here. I thought I'd share some SSB4 ideas with you.

1. Adventure mode should either be specific to every character, or be customizable. For specific characters, say Mario, you might have to go through Mushroom Kingdom and fight a few bosses, and then at the end fight Giga Bowser or something. For customizable, you choose where Adventure takes place each time, choose enemies and bosses, such as Primids and Master Hand.

2. More random Classic Mode, so you don't know "oh, I'll fight a Zelda character first, and then a giant character, etc." You could even put Master Hand/Crazy Hand in the middle to surprise you, and have anywhere between 10-20 fights without knowing when it will end.

3. Make every character different, so pretty much no clones. They could, for example, use Falco and give him moves like using different Starfox weapons and an Arwing final smash, and Toon Link could use rare weapons from Zelda that you can't use as normal Link.

4. Tourney should let you choose who fights who instead of randomizing it, and tell you if someone is already in your tourney while selecting characters, and you should get to play as multiple characters, so you could try and make sure, say, Mario fought Samus for the trophy at the end. Any feedback other ideas would be appreciated

Goomba for SSB4

I wanna see Kirby's Wii Fit Trainer form so bad.


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