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Just started playing i missing something ? Is there no way to curve the target line anymore ? You could always change the impact point before taking the shot and the indicator line would show how the balkl would travel with a perfect shot.
Now, this feature seems to be taken out and makes it pretty...tricky to say the least to work around some obstacles.
Please tell me that i just missed something or i fear that this game might disappoint me as much as the 3DS Mario Tennis did earlier :/


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You can use the touchscreen to hit the ball on a exact point of the ball, you can also hold the control stick in a particular direction while taking the shot for the same effect. You can't preview the line you'll get when hitting the ball on a certain spot so you'll just have to know what the shot is going to do with trajectory of the ball. In general:

Top = lower trajectory, more roll
Bottom = higher trajectory, less roll
Left = slice the ball from right to left (if you're a right-handed golfer)
Right = hook the ball from left to right (if you're a right-handed golfer)

There already is a Mario Golf World Tour topic, try asking your questions in there next time.

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