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Now all the big companies like MS and Sony Are relesing Playstation Move or Kinect This Year that they Anouced at E3,Playstation Move is coming sep.8th and Kinect is coming Noveber 4th so I think even nintendo will Bring out the 3DS before next Year because Nintendo needs to do it for Marketing Competition and A great Marketing Teqnique would be if nintendo Released The 3DS in a Holday time Frame they will make more money than on March 2011,What do you guys Think?
Edit:It seems Gamestop changed The Playstation Move Date to Sep. 17.

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That is definitely the most interesting theory that consisted of a single 4-line sentence. I would really recommend you use punctuation.

Nintendo is making lots of money no matter what. But really, will there be enough supply to satisfy Christmas buyers? Or is there even enough demand yet (Especially the casual market)? The DSi was pretty successful and came out after Xmas, so the strategy could work again. But really, it is up to Nintendo, and I am sure they have to choose carefully when to release it. Im not sure the casual market is going to fall for the 3DS this time around. Most people who have heard of it think its just another version of the DS. We can only wait and see.



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