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It seems as if Konami knows just what the doctor ordered and we couldn't be any happier as news springs from the pages of Famitsu Magazine that a new Nintendo 3DS product tells the tale of a man named Jean-Pierre Lautrec who is both a detective and archeologist, well, truthfully Lautrec is more treasure hunter than archeologist. Sound familiar? Well that is to be expected as Doctor Lautrec is very much a cross between Indiana Jones and our beloved Professor Layton. Like Henry Walton Jones Junior our protagonist Lautrec seems to be a professor or something of that fashion at the Museum of Natural History in 19th Century Paris France. It is at the Museum of Natural History that Mr. Pierre meets Miss Sophie Coubertin, a student at the University of Paris who'll eventually become his assistant in their archeological err, I mean treasure hunting adventures.


While Doctor Lautrec and the Forgotten Knights might seem like a cousin of the Professor Layton franchise upon further investigation it's quite clear that Lautrec's franchise is something a bit different for a change.

Doctor Lautrec and the Forgotten Knights has an RPG element about it, the game also has a battle engagement along with HP bars and attack status and you can also control the doctor directly and explore various environments. It's looks like Konami has a real gem here. Let's all pray 2011 is a good year. I'm looking forward to this title.

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