Topic: IGN's Top Ten Things 3DS Needs.

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Is the eShop that confusing? I find it just fine.

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10, 9 and 4 should be top priority and the list's Top 3. 10 especially. VC releases for the 3DS, considering the library Nintendo has, should be much more frequent than they currently are.

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NGamerZero wrote:

Is the eShop that confusing? I find it just fine.

I don't think it's confusing, but it could perhaps be layed out a little better. The scrolling icons are ok, but two rows becomes slightly cluttered.



E-shop does need to be cheaper,well the retail games at least.

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not going to happen. nintendo is not going to risk retailers getting mad.

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I'm honestly most excited for NNID's to come out, because then most likely we will get Miiverse.
I hope it can be integrated with the Wii U so that our friends that have the Wii U can friend us on our 3DS's c:

Because it would be stupid if you had a Wii U & A 3DS, then you would have separate accounts on both?



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