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Ugh, I called my GS and yeah, gotta wait till Saturday at midnight...and here I thought I could the system early. T_T

It's official, Megumi is now in love with crimsontadpoles and no one else....I mean, she still loves me and she's still one of my top waifus, know what just shut up.

Attempting to revive this anime...



Btw, I just read this:

Nintendo UK is saying they don't think supplies will run dry in the UK (if it doesn't run dry there, then there's even less of a chance in the US imo). They also say that the hardware for the 3DS is made in CHINA. And Nintendo headquarters in Japan is not near the part of Japan thats having troubles right now. So, it doesn't look like the earthquake & aftermath will affect the 3DS in anyway. I doubt the whole thing about July is true (it might be that Gamestop is just trying to get more pre-orders so they are spreading shortage talk---I heard someone on another board say something like this). My Gamestop was STILL taking pre-orders today, which is unusual). I saw that Nintendo 3DS blog said that Gamestop will be getting another shipment of 3DSs next Friday. I'm sure other places will too.


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actually, several parts are made in Japan, as i stated twice in this thread so far, and they were in fact near the earthquake. Thats what the hold up is. As far as sources go, i personally know the people at gamestop and i was privy to a email from corp that they forwarded to nintendo.

Thats all i can say.

BUT - BUT if you pre ordered, your good to go. Game stop WILL receive ONE more shipment tomorrow (friday) to cover any loose systems. The shortage for preorders was only a rumor. today is the last day to pre order so if you dont want to wait, go now!



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