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@Doma Well the 3DS does have a lot of tech inside plus we have 20% VAT (thats £30-40 before we start) then the shops will be making a (small?) profit as will Nintendo (they never lose on hardware sales). The PSP was about that price when launched and didn't have half the stuff the 3DS has.Its comparable to an ipod etc price. I agree that it seems a lot for a handheld console but I think Nintendo knows thats its loyal fanbase will snatch the first million or so at launch price and then I think we'll see a little price cut to bring it under the £200 mark. I know were getting stuffed compared to the US but then we always do . I'm sure it'll be even pricier in some EU countries (Scandanavia etc)!!

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What's this bit for again?


So its value is $100 less in the US, where presumably - going by what he's saying - they have loads of portable 3D gaming machines already so they can sell it cheaper. Sense making he is not.

Eh, I don't even know why I'm still bothering to complain about it, I know I'm not buying one. Not at launch, and at that price, not ever xD

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Didnt know where else to post but...

i just preordered trough amazon. From now on its just waiting.

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UK areas are paying much more than in the US, just because Nintendo is letting the retailers price the consoles. Some are setting them 100 USD over what we pay here in United States, after conversions.



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