Topic: Does New Nintendo 3DS XL Pearl White gets yellow with time?

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As in the title. I REALLY don’t like when anything white gets yellow, especially when you pay for it so much money. I don’t really have a choice, since I live in Europe and 3DS’ is discontinued but I only found this one.



I doubt the plastic will yellow at anywhere near the same rate as things like Super Nintendos, if at all. And even if it does turn yellow, I've had good results from letting yellowed plastic soak in some hydrogen peroxide while left in the sunlight.

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I have 1 Pink White 3DS XL + 2 Pearl White New 3DS XL/LL and i don't see any yellowish part on my White 3DS XL.
White 3DS is always looks the best for me.
I can apply with any stickers on it since White color is a Neutral color and White devices looked more expensive than Black devices. 😉

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@Osk6r it all depends on how you look after it and how you store it.
My nephews blue 3ds seems like it’s green although he’s really young and eats and plays on it all at the same time 😉

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@Osk6r If you or someone around you regularly smokes near it, then yes, it will yellow.

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@RedderRugfish I also think that a 3DS wouldn't become yellow as a SNES because the plastic is different. Why did you change your nickname, in between (or you did not)?

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