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Flash player would be nice, but not to be used when other media conveyance methods such as HTML5 are available. Such as using the H.264 mp4 video codec found on YouTube, like what the iPhone uses. Also font support, and better image rendering (Gradients look horrible when rendered in 16 bit).

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Oh, the ability to see 3d video like on youtube, and turning it off to increase the speed

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Tabs is a must

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so march 27th is about 3 months away. preorders are already coming in around the globe. now i know that when most people turn on their 3DS for the first time they wont go into the internet browser. but it is still a interesting adaptation to the 3DS. most websites have already jumped ship on HTML 4. HTML 5 is very powerfull. it can run youtube. run some amazing web apps. and even power a few 3D games. but the real crowd pleaser will be full blown java. yes the java that runs runescape and many other popular open GL formatted games. at this time we dont know if the 3DS will have java. but we already know nintendo is not likely going to use the insecure adoba flash player. as time told us that the wii's internet browser is cr@p for TV internet browsing.

but we all know that its time to move on. a handful of sites still use HTML 4 like dsihub the site i moderate on. and ofcorse who could forget dsipaint or dsicade, along with dsiplaza and dsitabs. only a few of them have the very secure linux based server.

but as the 3DS progresses in its first few months at market new websites will be built to take advantadge of what ever the 3DS browser has to offer. and the start is not going to be pretty.

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PunnyGuy wrote:

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PunnyGuy wrote:

Better Flash support (to view YouTube, Veoh, and other video sites)

YouTube uses HTML5, which is light years-better than Flash.

Better yet! The 3DS should support HTML5 (or better)!

It Should! 8-D

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The 3DS's hardware isn't able to handle most of the stuff you are asking for.
As much as a leap 64MB of ram and whatever the processor is from the DSi, it's still pretty pathetic for web browsing, specifically the RAM.

I might expect a Youtube APP, but youtube in the browser would probably be pretty pathetic.

Don't expect much from the browser. It's Opera most likely so it wont be bad, but don't expect smartphone level browsing abilties, those phones have as much as 1GB or RAM.




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