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Hey everyone i was on http://www.nintendoeverything.com just couple seconds ago and find out that cooking mama 5 is coming to north america this holiday. So what are your thoughts about it?

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I just bought Cooking Mama 4 - 3DS about a month ago & love it! :D It's my first Cooking Mama game ever but looking forward to Cooking Mama 5 - 3DS as well. :)

The Only Mama games I have played are:

Babysitting Mama - Wii (Hoping for a sequel personally)
Gardening Mama - DS
Crafting Mama - DS
Cooking Mama 4 - 3DS

Looking forward to picking up Gardening Mama 2 - 3DS as well. :D Both Gardening Mama 2 - 3DS & Cooking Mama 5 - 3DS look really fun. :D I can't wait. :D

Happy Gaming! (^_^)

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