Topic: Controversal Opinion: Was Super Mario 3D Land the worst Mario?

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ITT I compare SM3DLand to SM3DWorld using a simple parameter: the method of 100% the very first level.

3D Land is much less direct than 3D World. It is never intuitive to just go explore, because the camera angle (and the camera angels) do not permit exploration all willy nilly. Oftentimes things will be out in the corner that is not exactly visible to the eye at first glance. And this promotes exploration...but it's rather tough on the player to do so, because they gamble a lot (usually a life and some hairs ;p). In 3D World, however, the camera grants a perception that screams "oh, I should probably go here and check this out!". Because of that, exploration is usually done on the fly but it feels much less rewarding.



It's New Super Mario Bros 2 that I see getting all of the flack, not Super Mario 3D Land.


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Will you stop with 3D Land being bad already? It was one of the first 3DS games that managed to do well so well that it makes me wonder how 3D World didn't do well at first.

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There are many Mario games. If you play each of them then the overwhelming “Mario” will make you think that a game is boring but it might be for the quantity of Mario games not quality.

I think each Mario game is great. In this case, Super Mario 3D Land is fantastic! Addictive! And furthermore, it is a game that suits gamers with low game skills. Music is lovely, scenarios are great!

The thread started said: It is missing the magic, something is missing.
If you don’t know what is missing then it might be because it is not missing anything. This game is different. If were the same as Mario Galaxy (or other great game) then his name would be the same. It is just a different game.

There are levels quite easy, and some with a bit of challenge. But all of them with a lot of fun, nice music, easy play even if you play it for short periods of time. Those who has completed Wii Mario games, likes this 3D land game.

This game is beautiful, creative, great music, fun, for all the family. It has nice surprises with the street pass. So even today, Sep/2017, still a playable game.


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Super Mario 3D Land is a fine game, but it is very much a by-the-numbers release. It brings virtually nothing new to the table (apart from taking advantage of 3D from time-to-time) and it isn't really at all memorable. I've enjoyed my time with it (I've completed it twice in fact), but I doubt that I will be going back to it ever again.

New Super Mario Bros. 2 was also a by-the-numbers release (hell, it's right there in the title!) with none of the "magic" of its DS predecessor. I feel that the coin gimmick would have worked in its favour had it either incorporated Wario in some way or if it had been a Wario Land game entirely.

I would still love to see another traditional Super Mario Bros. game on Switch (for that sweet tabletop play), but at this point, the brand is in desperate need of new ideas, and perhaps even more so, a new aesthetic. A hand drawn look a la Wario Land: The Shake Dimension or perhaps a more stylistic approach could be just what the franchise needs.


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Back to your grave, bad thread!

Yeah I don’t know either.

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