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It's funny that DS version was the only CoD that I liked. I don't remember which one I had but it was pretty good while it did last. Controls weren't as perfect as in Metroid Prime Hunters, but it was fine. I remember having more fun with Brother in Arms (DS too) though. That game had pretty much everything that I could want - good controls, solid action, varied missions and some rewarding gameplay.
There are many people that cry about Kid Icarus controls, but I have no problem with holding the console and using the touchscreen.
It's weird that no version is being made, but more people would just probably get the smartphone version for 5 bucks, play it for a while and then forget about it. Of course there would surely be a bunch of paid stuff that just wouldn't get through on the 3DS.



I'm sure we will see something in the way of CoD sooner or later, especially since the 3DS is selling gangbusters right now. Wouldn't the game publishers want to rake in some extra dough off of the systems massive install base? Eventually they will and we will have CoD on the 3DS.....mark my words.

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