Topic: Best and worst mario sports games

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Best — Mario Golf: World Tour
Worst — Mario Curling

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Blast wrote:

All I know is that we need a good Mario sports game for Wii U. I'll take that over Mario Party 10.

I'll second that!

Mario Strikers Wii U (bought the wii version - and I like it!)



I vastly enjoyed Mario Golf: World Tour, Mario Power Tennis, and Mario Sports Mix. All three had vast amounts of content and modes that made me play them more than I wanted, as well as fun factor. I'd put these in the "Awesome" tier.

Mario Tennis 64 and Mario Gold: Toadstool Tour are somewhere in the "Great" tier for me. They were nostalgic and held their age, but I played better.

In the "Decent" tier, there is Mario Golf: Advance Tour and Mario Tennis: Power Tour. I'm a man who likes RPGs, but something about mixing that with Mario Sports games just...wasn't the greatest I've seen. Not that I hate them or anything...

Mario Tennis Open and Mario Super Sluggers were around the "Okay" tier for me, though the former left me very disappointed coming off of the amazing Power Tennis on GameCube.

Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash falls into the "Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash" tier. That's all I'll say.



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