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I've been playing a lot of Animal Crossing New Leaf lately (as I knew I would), and I was wondering, "how much have I played?" I checked on my Activity Log and was somewhat surprised. I was wondering how much other First day adopters have played the game, its been roughly a week and a half since the games release. Post your times here:
Play Time: 96:24
Times Played: 50
Average Play Time: 1:55

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My brothers is:
Play Time: 94:25
Times Played: 46
Average Play Time: 2:03

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Play Time: 26:31
Times Played: 40
Average Play Time: 00:39

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The OP and his brother will have exactly zero grass left in their towns in about four weeks.

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Play Time: 22:41
Times Played: 23
Average Play Time: 0:59

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Play Time: 23:33
Times Played: 18
Average Play Time: 1:18 (3rd)

Also, since I'm in Australia
I'm sure I'll get 2000+ hours like Wild World, lol.

My villagers keep telling me to have breaks! Boooooo!

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Play Time: 87:20
Times Played: 56
Average Play Time: 1:33
That's only because I haven't been playing much these last two days, been working on stuff on the net.

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You've all dwarfed my play time...

Play time: 17:48
No. Times Played: 39
Average Play Time: 0:27

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Play time: 0:00
Number Times Played: 0
Average Play Time: 0:00
I don't have the game yet.

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Play Time: 21:22
Times Played: 20
Average Play Time: 1:04

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