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I tested my 3DS wireless (left it on the whole time) near the wifi hotspot in the house to get the best connection. Apparently, the error never occurred when I'm at optimal distance from the wifi router (around 10-20 meters from the router). When I go back to my room and close the door, of course the wifi's signal decreases and sometimes I get disconnected, the error screen comes back. I think my 3DS is trying to keep me connected and it gives me an error screen when I get disconnections from my wifi. I know it sounds obvious but I dunno why they put the black error screen for just getting disconnected from the internet.

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jsb1138 wrote:

Is anyone getting this odd error on their 3DS that suddenly goes to a black screen reading something along the lines of an error having occurred, please hold down the power button, etc.... ?

If anyone else has had it happen, please post so I and others can know if it's more common or a unique problem with either my device or the Ghost Recon software. thanks

Yep I've had this problem multiple times while playing Ghost Recon (and after updating the 3DS). The first time it happened was when the battery was low, so I reset it plugged it in and it was fine for a while. Since then it's happened at least half a dozen times, and it just happened again a few minutes ago. I'm pretty hacked off really, this is very lame indeed! What with this and the top-screen scratches that have appeared from the lower screen rim touching the top screen when it closes. I'm sorry to say it but the 3DS is a seriously flawed piece of hardware!

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I got bsod on my 99th hour going on my friendlist and then returning to monkeyball that was suspended. I am now on 111 hours and haven't had it again doubt my machine is faulty as other people seem to be reporting it frequently surely I would bsod many times before if my machine is faulty has anyone else got to a high amount of time like 100 hours and had a bsod for the first time.

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@Kid_A ... Oh, you've gotten that nice little error that corrupts your data too!

I'm a bit unnerved that this all has gone on for so long now and we've heard hardly nothing from Nintendo!

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Maybe Nintendo hasn't said anything about it because they don't want to admit they have no idea what's going on...o___o

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Think of Metroid other M. Nintendo took a month to come up with mail in SD card a solution. The was just a software issue that fix the game save but didn't fix the actual bug. I'm sure anyone who were to play through it a second time may come to the same problem.

I'm sure this issue can be a bit more complicated since it probably ties into the hardware and if it is not an OS issue but the way people are programming their games then they need to fix the SDK they give to developers.



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