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After looking back at all offerings this year for games, I just keep coming back to the 3DS as it had the best line up of them all.

Sure other consoles had some great games(SM3DW,Last of Us), but in comparison to 2012 they simply dont seem to stand up and in general I found 2013 to be a lackluster year in comparison to 2012. Many of the games I seemed to enjoy in 2013 were in fact games that arrived in 2012 but had continued support through new content (Borderlands 2 for example) or I simply picked up late and enjoyed then.

But the 3DS had a strong line up the whole way this year with :

  • Fire Emblem
  • Monster Hunter
  • Luigies Mansion
  • Donkey Kong
  • Animal Crossing (not my thing but to big to ignore)
  • Shin Megami Tensei
  • Mario & Luigi Dream Team
  • Pokemon X & Y
  • Phoenix Wright
  • Zelda: ALBW

I dont think any other console or PC's had anything close to compare to this year's 3DS line up. So if there was such a thing as "Best Game catalog of 2013" 3DS would of taken it hands down(why isn't that an award?). What's your thoughts?

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yeah the 3DS was the unbeatable number 1 in 2013. hope 2014 ends being just as good to it or to the WiiU!

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Yeah I have to agree to, not only did it have my game of the year: Fire Emblem Awakening, but I found myself playing this system more this year. Say what you will, "Its a portable system it can win system of the year", but with the astounding games that came out this year I couldn't care less if it was portable or not. 3DS has taken up more hours of my year than the WiiU, PS4, or Xbo (Even though I don't really own a Xbox One...)

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Agreed. I just finished Pokemon X, and wow, it's probably my game of 2013. Just shows what handhelds can do nowadays.


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3DS was my least used system this year so it's WiiU for the win because of online Monster Hunter and better AAA 3rd party support... RPGs these days are rubbish compared to the mighty SNES & Genesis awesomeness



I dunno, I thought the 3ds was pretty lackluster this year. The only "must have" title is ALBW. If it wasn't for that, I'd call this a disappointing year for the 3ds, at least 1st party wise.

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3DS third party line-up was average,but it's first party line-up was second to none with old series returning and great sequels.

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2012 wasn't bad, but 2013 was the year when the handheld truly became a force to be reckoned with. Having owned and vouched for the merits of the system since 2011, it's gratifying to see people admit they were wrong and acknowledge that Ninty's little portable is easily the best current-gen console on the market right now.

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It was definitely a great year for 3DS. But in fairness it wasn't that much of a competitive year.
Xbox 360 had a lack of exclusives
Xbox One just launched with a lackluster launch selection, in terms of exclusives
PS4 just launched with a better launch, but not good enough to really be considered great
Wii U had little third party support, and the games really weren't that unique with the exception of The Wonderful 101 and Game and Wario
So there are 2 consoles this year that competed well enough to compare with the 3DS
PS Vita, with a good amount of new games like Tearaway, Muramasa and great indie support.
PS3 had The Last of Us and Puppeteer.
But as much as those games are good it can't compare to the 3DS.

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Kyloctopus wrote:

Xbox 360 had a lack of exclusives

Not like this is news, though. The selection of good exclusives on the 360 has shriveled to almost nothing over the last few years (aside from the occasional shooter and decent Xbox Live Arcade game). It started out quite nicely and just got worse overtime, whereas the PS3 sucked for a few years but gradually built up steam until it gathered a mighty collection of exclusives.

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It was a big improvement for 3DS as far as I'm concerned but personally PS3 had a better line up.


Fire Emblem: Awakening
Luigi's Mansion 2
Pokemon X/Y
A Link Between Worlds
Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy
Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies
Bravely Default


Ni No Kuni
Tomb Raider
Hotline Miami
Bioshock Infinite
Blood Dragon
Tales of Xilia
The Last of Us
Saints Row IV
Rayman Legends
Grand Theft Auto V
Diablo III
Asssassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons
Gran Turismo 6



Your list is almost good but then you don't have New Leaf or Project X Zone (or Steam World Dig!!!) and imply anything other than the Wii U version of Rayman Legends should matter.

I do agree that PS3 and 3DS stood head and shoulders above everything last year.

I don't get why anyone would suggest 2012 was a better year for gaming though. If it wasn't for indies and Xenoblade, it would've been REALLY disappointing tbh, especially compared to 2009/10/11.

also 2013 was the year where 3DS casually buried the console wars

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I agree with KK. There are several glaring omissions in Peach's list unless it was intended to be one of personal interest. Mario & Luigi, Monster Hunter, Etrian Odyssey, 2 Shin Megami Tensei games, and Donkey Kong CR3D are all of note as well and really helped add to this year's impressive line-up. It was excellent and that's not even counting e-shop and virtual console releases.

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Yeah... 3DS dominated my time this year. Then my U had some time too.

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Absolutely, there is no console or handheld that came even close to what 2013 brought for the 3DS.
I'm in fear for 2014, because it's going to be a strong contrast from last year, don't think they can redo such great year.


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Peach64 wrote:

It was a big improvement for 3DS as far as I'm concerned but personally PS3 had a better line up.

You missed a lot of 3DS titles in your overview, and sticked to retail only on the 3DS list while on the PS3 list naming digital download games. To each his own, but your comparison is off.


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I didn't stick to retail games for 3DS. I included Phoenix Wright. It was a personal list, and I'm also in the UK, and we didn't get SMT IV which would have certainly made my list had it come out here. I did like DK 3D so I can add that, but if we're doing ports I'd probably add Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD to the PS3 list too.

And I definitely agree 2013 was way better than 2012. Every console and handheld had at least one great game this year.



It won 2013 for me as well. I picked one up last year and couldn't be happier with it. The only system that was close was the PS3, but many of the notable games being multiplats and games like Puppeteer not meeting my expectations brought it down a notch.

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