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Hey guys,

I recently imported a 3ds xl from the US, after playing with it for a while I noticed that the hinge was really wobbly, such that it moves under its own weight and affects gameplay as it feels weird in the hand....
So does anyone else have the same issue as me? And in this situation should i send it in for repair, and how?



Same for me. It sucks, but you'll get used to it. I thought it was just a problem for early versions of the system (I bought a 3DS XL at its launch).

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Oh well...I really hope nintendo makes these things better quality though, the L and R triggers feel kinda weak too



Same here. I also thought mine was busted but after some research it turned out to be quite "normal". Like the top screen scratches were on the original 3DS. I was so glad to be rid of the scratch problem that the loose hinge didn't bother me at all after a while. I actually don't notice it at all now.

Some people here have mentioned that it could be to protect the hinges from snapping/breaking. But a person can't help wondering about the quality control when it comes to Nintendo's handheld devices.

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I hope I get over it soon, cos its the only thing stopping me from fully enjoying my games



I definitely haven't noticed anything like that.

In fact, I consider the tightness of my XL's hinge to be a selling point as my original 3DS was really loose.


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Nothing to do with quality, of the 4 laptops in my house only one has a stiff hinge. It's just the way flip top electronics are made...



i have no problems with the hinge on mine

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I like it. This will hopefully prevent the stress fracture problem that occurred with the Lite.

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Yea I get it that they did that to prevent it from cracking, but I don't like the free movement without resistance which in turn causes the xl's weight to shift



damn so i wasn't the only one who hated the loose hinge on the 3DS, I even exchanged the XL for the regular model lol

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I'm surprised the hinge on mine isnt loose from me shaking it from dieing so many times in Donkey Kong. hahaha

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