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    Review Pokémon Shuffle

    Hoenn Hustle

    Pokémon have been puzzling ever since the Johto days, when Pokémon Puzzle Challenge married the block-flipping gameplay of Panel de Pon with Game Freak's charming, collectable characters. It's a formula that's stuck, with Denpa Men developer Genius Sonority heading up the most recent series of Poké-puzzle combinations, including...

  • News Pokémon Shuffle Hits One Million Downloads

    Is anyone buying Jewels, though?

    Pokémon Shuffle is Nintendo's most notable attempt to-date at utilising microtransactions - unlike previous free-to-play downloads it doesn't unlock content for fixed amounts, but uses an in-game economy that encourages you to pay-to-play on a continual basis. It's had a mixed response, and our early reaction was...

  • Nintendo Download 5th March (Europe)

    OlliOlli, Proun+, BLOK DROP X TWISTED FUSION, Retro newcomers and more

    Another week begins, and Nintendo of Europe has served up its Download Update details with some promising releases on the way. We have some rad cross-buy for Wii U and 3DS gamers, mash-ups, retro games making their first appearances in Europe and much more. Let's get to it. Wii...