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    Review Family Fishing

    Fins with Kin

    As the house of Guilty Gear and BlazBlue, Arc System Works is perhaps best known for its fighting games, but over the past few years it's also been quietly churning out a series of arcadey eShop sports games starring a multitalented Japanese family. Billy and his hyper-competitive clan have already brought charming, thoroughly decent...

  • Feature Behind the Scenes of SteamWorld Heist

    A look at development, marketing and the game's pitch for success

    SteamWorld Heist is out on 10th December on the 3DS eShop, and is a title that's intrigued us from the moment it was first revealed. Its predecessor SteamWorld Dig took off on the 3DS, gaining critical acclaim and a legion of dedicated fans, in the process also helping boost developer...

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    Review Johnny's Payday Panic

    Minimum wage, maximum fun

    Taking a look at the Cooking and Gardening Mama games, it's obvious that developer Office Create knows how to take menial tasks and turn them into surprisingly engaging video games. Though North America hasn't seen a new title featuring Mama on a Nintendo platform in the past year (the latest release was a little more...

  • Nintendo Download 10th December (Europe)

    SteamWorld Heist! FAST Racing NEO! AVGN! Terraria! More!

    Another week kicks off with the European Nintendo Download Update, and it's certainly one of the stronger weeks in recent times for eShop fans. Both the Wii U and 3DS have highly anticipated 'Nindie' releases, while a hugely popular sandbox / crafting adventure also arrives on the portable as...

  • News SteamWorld Heist Will Have Over 100 Weapons and Nearly 100 Hats

    Looking fresh

    SteamWorld Heist is only a few days away from release now, and hype for the game is at an all-time high. Offering up a distinct experience from its predecessor, SteamWorld Dig, many are curious how Image & Form's latest entry in the SteamWorld series will stack up in comparison. Based off of what's been shown up to this point, it...

  • Video Check Out This Explanation of How Steamworld Heist Plays

    Pulling a job

    A few days ago, it was revealed that Steamworld Heist will be releasing on 10th December, a little less than a week from now. Those who buy it before the end of the year will receive a discounted price and 3DS buyers will have the added bonus of a home screen theme that will become unavailable once 2016 begins. In order to build hype...

  • News Terraria Digs Its Way Into the 3DS eShop on 10th December

    It's looking like a crowded week...

    We already have FAST Racing NEO coming to Wii U and SteamWorld Heist to 3DS on 10th December, and now the eShop update will have another high profile arrival - Terraria. The 2D platformer / resource / sandbox game has become a huge success since it took off as an Indie title on PC, picking up 505 Games as a...

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    Review Pokémon Picross

    Pika-p and play

    During the Nintendo Direct in November one of the surprise announcements was Pokémon Picross. It seemed like a bizarre idea, but crossing over the Pokémon franchise with the quirky Picross series is precisely what the somewhat stagnant puzzle series needed, adding a considerable amount of replayability and strategy onto the...

  • News Festive 3DS HOME Themes Start to Roll Out in Japan

    Ho ho ho

    The Holiday season is upon us, which is rather jolly indeed. No, that's not cynicism, but actually sincere - it's a time of year when we can spend more time with family and friends, and either go all in with gift buying and giving or simply hand over the gift of our precious time. Don't offer 'time' to all loved ones, though, they might...

  • News Circle Entertainment Claims That Nintendo of America Only Allows Up to Four Themes Per 3DS Game

    Maybe an attempt to promote variety?

    Though most updates to the 3DS just make the device even more stable than before, there have been rare occasions where new, major features were added, such as the introduction of Miiverse to the platform. Another major improvement was the addition of home screen themes, providing gamers with a way to customize...

  • News SteamWorld Heist Release Date and Pricing Confirmed

    The temperature's rising

    We're stepping into an exciting period of releases at retail and on the eShop, and one of the most ambitious downloadable 3DS titles on the way has a firm release date and pricing. Image & Form has confirmed that SteamWorld Heist will arrive on 10th December and will have a launch discount until the end of 2015. As...

  • Parent Trap ​Is 3DS Download Play The Perfect Family Feature?

    Family Gamer's Andy Robertson celebrates an underrated system-seller

    The 3DS is quite a system, and has found its way into the hands of more than 50 million players all over the world. However, there are a few features on the console that families often overlook, one of which is Download Play. Of course, expert and avid Nintendo players know all...

  • News Monster Hunter X Has Outsold Monster Hunter 4G on the Japanese 3DS eShop

    In just three days

    As some of you may be aware, Monster Hunter X just launched in Japan only a few days ago. The follow up to last year's Monster Hunter 4G boasts a much more dynamic and fast paced combat system that should make most fights even more exciting and spectacular. While it's still not confirmed for the West, it's practically bound to...



  • News Toki Tori 3D Confirmed to be Hatching on 5th November

    Hitting the Americas, Europe and Oceania all at once

    Toki Tori 3D has been in the works for a little while, and the good news for fans of the Two Tribes puzzle title is that it'll arrive on the 3DS eShop on 5th November. It'll also have a budget price of $1.99 / €1.99 and arrive in the Americas, Europe and Oceania on that release date. Two...

  • Nintendo Download 29th October (North America)

    Human Resource Machine! Octodad! Harvest Moon! Spooky discounts! More!

    It's that time once again, North American gamers, to look at the download goodies on the way this week. There are a few tempting options on Wii U, a whole load of discounts and a high profile retail demo among other offerings. Let's get to it. Missed the European Download Update...

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    Review Wizdom

    A magical concoction

    What do you get when you cross Cooking Mama with a match-three puzzle game? Something arguably more fun than either of those, actually. Wizdom is the latest title from publisher Moving Player, and it benefits from a similar presentational charm its last title - Rakoo and Friends - is known for. The premise of Wizdom is simple:...

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    Review The Magic Hammer

    It sure isn't Mjölnir

    Setting off on an adventure which transcends various realms beyond your own. Taking a magic, talking hammer in hand by which to slay the undead, and rebuild a broken mess of a world. Doing all of this with a grandiose soundtrack tracking every step on an epic journey sounds like the best experience any gamer can have...

  • News AeternoBlade 2 Confirmed for the 3DS eShop

    Targeting a Q2 2016 release

    AeternoBlade - from Corecell Technology - was much anticipated on the 3DS eShop when it landed in the West back in early 2014; though we weren't hugely impressed in our review it certainly found an audience. The developer has now stated that strong sales - beyond expectations, it seems - on 3DS, Vita and PS4 have given...

  • Nintendo Download 29th October (Europe)

    Project Zero! Resi 4! Binding of Isaac! Freedom Planet! Much, much more!

    It's the start of another week, but Nintendo fans in Europe at least have the download update to cheer their spirits. This week's edition seems to be a bit of a doozy, in fairness, with a mix of in-demand titles across both Wii U and - notably - the New Nintendo 3DS / 3DS; on...

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    3DS eShop

    Review Gunslugs 2

    Get to the chopper!

    Gunslugs 2 goes right for your sense of nostalgia for dumb '80s action movies; we mean dumb in the best possible sense, in terms of those movies with muscle-bound heroes shooting everything and causing enormous explosions. If you're too young to remember that era then, our sympathies, but you can watch The Expendables and imagine...

  • News Nintendo Outlines Its 'Nindie' Plans for Indiecade

    Time to book into Hotel California

    This week Culver City, California will host Indiecade - the event's running from 23rd to 25th October and will be a celebration of download gaming in addition to giving small studios a chance to show off their work. With its 'Nindie' approach at the forefront Nintendo has confirmed the games for its own booth at...

  • News International Age Rating Coalition System, IARC, Set to Come to the eShop "Very Soon"

    Could be a big deal in the Nindie scene

    It's common for eShop gamers in different territories to have differing game line-ups to choose from, with some titles taking a while to make their way around different regions. There are multiple factors such as localisation with languages, and the fact that Nintendo of Europe and Nintendo of America operate...

  • News Dementium Remastered Pricing Confirmed as Renegade Kid Looks Ahead to Release

    Has been submitted to Lotcheck in North America

    Not so long ago we highlighted Dementium Remastered as a 3DS title to look forward to this year, with the Renegade Kid title aiming to bring some horror to the portable's eShop. It's getting closer to release, too, with the studio confirming that it's now gone into Lotcheck approval for its North...

  • Nintendo Download 22nd October (Europe)

    Legend of Zelda! NES light gun games! Gunslugs! Discounts! More!

    It's the start of another week, and as normal we have the European Nintendo Download Update releases to consider. It's a relatively busy week ahead with a couple of retail titles and some varied downloads across both eShop stores, so let's jump straight into the details. Wii U Virtual...

  • News SmileBASIC is Heading to Wii U, With Cross-Platform Support and DLC Also Confirmed

    Time for advanced BASIC

    SmileBoom, developer of the excellent Petit Computer on DSi and most recently SmileBASIC, has confirmed DLC and update information for the 3DS entry, and a hugely exciting Wii U version. SmileBASIC for Wii U - or PetitCom BIG - will be fully compatible with all creations from the 3DS version, with cloud-based saving allowing...

  • News 3DS Added as Stretch Goal on Ghost Police Kickstarter

    Potential soundtrack to be composed by Shovel Knight Composer

    Many promising and interesting projects have been made possible only because of Kickstarter. The crowdfunding startup has help give shape to games such as Shovel Knight, Mighty No. 9, Yooka-Laylee, and many more. While it has become a popular spot for displaced industry veterans to raise...

  • News Gunslugs 2 Will Be Blasting Up the 3DS eShop on 22nd October

    Check out some new 3DS screenshots, too

    It can sometimes seem like the Wii U eShop is getting a lot of the Nindie love, but 3DS owners have a potentially exciting arrival around the corner. Gunslugs 2, originally developed by OrangePixel and being ported by Engine Software, is heading to the 3DS eShop in North America and Europe on 22nd October,...