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  • Nintendo Download 31st March (North America)

    Mario Super Sluggers! Pokkén Tournament demo! Lovely Planet! More!

    It's that time again, dear readers, for the North American Nintendo Download Update details. Around all of the buzz for My Nintendo, there are a number of new releases to choose from that could earn some precious Gold Points, along with some discounts and DLC to consider. Let's get...

  • News Nintendo's Official Website eShop Purchases Are Up and Running

    In Europe, so far, includes 'Nindie' games

    Among all of the excitement around the launch of My Nintendo, gamers in Europe and PAL territories can also see another promised feature in action - the option to purchase over 2000 games from the official website, with those downloads then sent automatically to their system. We've already tried this out...

  • News Nintendo's Gold Coin Prices Point the Way to Freebies

    Spend a little, win a little

    As you're likely already aware, the My Nintendo loyalty programme is now live, and it's all rather exciting. It's possible to pick up some early Platinum Points right off the bat, and Europeans can also grab their copy of Flipnote Studio 3D. Just head to the official website and login with your Nintendo Account. An...

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    Review Alphadia


    From old-school platformers like Shovel Knight to the pixel-art renaissance, what's old is new again these days, and retro revivals have made for some wonderfully received games in recent years. The best of these projects leverage clever design, modern sensibilities and plenty of polish to craft experiences that feel like games as we...

  • Reminder Flipnote Studio 3D Debuting in Europe as My Nintendo Account Incentive

    Register before April's end and flip away

    As if anyone needed much more reason to sign up for a My Nintendo account, don't forget that European users who register before 30th April can download a free copy of Flipnote Studio 3D for their punctuality. The offer was previously announced in the European Nintendo Direct for March and has been further...