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    Super Nintendo

    Review Soul Blazer

    Still one of the greatest action RPGs ever created.

    At a time when action RPGs were truly beginning to catch on with gamers, Soul Blazer came along and offered up an adventure that was as charming and engaging as any role-playing game fans had experienced. Taking many of the unique gameplay elements found in the Actraiser title that came before it,...

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    Virtual Console / Virtual Console Arcade

    Review Golden Axe

    Sega's classic fantasy side-scroller hits the Virtual Console in its original arcade form - but is it any good?

    It would be fair to say that the expansion of the Wii Virtual Console to incorporate arcade releases has been extremely welcome, but it has resulted in one rather unusual side-effect: we’re seeing rampant duplication of titles already...

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    Wii Virtual Console / NES

    Review Crash 'n the Boys: Street Challenge

    It's River City Ransom with a side order of Track & Field.

    What do you get when you combine the River City Ransom theme with Track and Field-style gameplay? You get Crash 'n the Boys: Street Challenge. The game takes the street gang theme and creates some fitting Olympic-style events to go along with it. Sounds like a mouth-watering proposition, but...

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    Virtual Console / Virtual Console Arcade

    Review Solomon's Key

    A near-identical version of a game already available on the Virtual Console

    Way back when the Wii came out in late 2006, one of the initial games available on Virtual Console was the NES version of Solomon's Key. Now that arcade games have been added to the service's catalogue, Tecmo has chosen to release the original arcade version. But is it...

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    Virtual Console / Virtual Console Arcade

    Review Rygar

    Lesser-known than its NES counterpart, but is it still worth picking up?

    When you utter the name "Rygar", many people will instantly think of the NES game with the same name. In it, you played as the bare-chested warrior Rygar, making his way through both side-scrolling and overhead stages using his unique weapon, the Diskarmor, to take...

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    Super Nintendo

    Review Kid Klown in Crazy Chase

    You don't have to be crazy to play this game, but it helps!

    Super Mario World, Yoshi’s Island, Super Metroid, ActRaiser, Ghouls ‘n Ghosts, Mario All-Stars, the Donkey Kong Country trilogy…these games all have three things in common: they’re all platform games, they’re all on Super Nintendo, and they’re all genuine classics that stand out...

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    Virtual Console / Super Nintendo

    Review Super Return of the Jedi

    The Emperor has been expecting you

    The third and final game in the Super Star Wars series promises more of the same great experience offered as its two forerunners, but did LucasArts give us a conclusion worthy of the series or just a clichéd third act with some kid-friendly Ewoks thrown in? Like the previous two outings, Super Return of the Jedi...

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    Virtual Console / Super Nintendo

    Review Super Empire Strikes Back

    Do or do not: there is no try.

    Following up on the success of Super Star Wars, LucasArts released Super Star Wars: The Empire Strikes back (a.k.a. Super Empire Strikes Back) to an audience already hyped and waiting. As we discussed in our previous review, the story barely paid lip service to the movies, and this release is little better. Even so,...

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    Wii Virtual Console / Super Nintendo

    Review Pilotwings

    Soar like an eagle

    Sometimes games deserve second chances. Let us tell you a story... A long time ago in a television studio far, far away, a member of our team took part in an episode of Games World, Hewland's Gamesmaster clone shown on Sky 1 in the UK. Everything was going great until the semi-final, when the skydiving stage from Pilotwings came...

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    Super Nintendo

    Review Shadowrun

    Computers and magic meet in this overlooked gem of an RPG

    Waking up in a morgue with amnesia it’s clear that your character, Jake Armitage, is having a bad day. Set in Seattle in the year 2050, Shadowrun is a cyberpunk RPG based on the pen and paper game of the same name. Having been gunned down in the streets you must uncover exactly what’s...

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    Virtual Console / Master System

    Review Phantasy Star

    The starting point for a venerable roleplaying legend

    Pity the poor Master System. South America and Europe aside, it just could not compete with the unstoppable NES despite superior technology and some cracking games. Among those titles is what could be considered the machine's killer app - a huge game with a matching price tag, which not only...

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    Nintendo 64

    Review Hybrid Heaven

    The N64's own Metal Gear Solid? If only.

    Back in 1998, Konami's Metal Gear Solid took the gaming world by storm. Its masterful combination of action-packed gameplay and cinematic storytelling was unlike anything ever before seen in a videogame. The only bad news was that unless you owned a PlayStation, you wouldn’t be playing it, as it was...

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    Virtual Console / Super Nintendo

    Review Super Star Wars

    Is the force strong with this one?

    When Super Star Wars was released in 1992, it was an instant success. Offering old-school platforming but set in the Star Wars universe and culminating in the destruction of the Death Star, the video game format fit the movies like Harrison Ford fits the role of a roguish scoundrel. At the time, video game critics...

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    Virtual Console / Sega Mega Drive

    Review The Revenge of Shinobi

    Joe Musashi returns in what is arguably the best ninja game ever

    There’s a common assumption that a console’s best titles come towards the end of its lifespan. This is mainly because developers take time to get to grips with a new machine’s power and as a result you have to wait a couple of years before you see what each console is truly...

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    Virtual Console / Virtual Console Arcade

    Review Tecmo Bowl

    Older. Prettier. Just not wiser.

    In every genre there is one game that stands as a pinnacle to which other games in that genre aspire. Final Fantasy VII, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Sexy Poker. In their respective genres, these games are the standard by which other games are judged. Tecmo Bowl for the NES is often cited as that...

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    Super Nintendo

    Review Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island

    Perhaps the greatest platformer of all-time.

    When remembering the great games of the past, our thoughts tend to drift towards the revolutionary titles; the literal game-changers. And any gamer worth a darn knows that the indisputable king of these wonderful permutations is Shigeru Miyamoto. The man's M.O. is completely altering the landscape of...

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    Virtual Console / NES

    Review Smash Table Tennis

    Smash Table Tennis delivers a backhand to your wallet.

    Sometimes, you just have to wonder who at Nintendo is in charge of the Virtual Console game selection. Perhaps it's one of those people who, when unable to decide what to do, throws a dart at a dartboard with possible "options" on it in order to come to a decision. That almost has to...

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    Review Rampage

    Is this monster mash worth all your quarters?

    Today people might look at Midway as the financial disaster that they are and chuckle. In the better days of arcades, however, Midway developed a number of hit arcade games including their hit Mortal Kombat series of fighters. While MK is likely their most famous effort, they also had some respectable...

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    Nintendo 64

    Review Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon

    You know it makes sense!

    Save Japan from a group of stage performers by throwing coins and hitting robots with your trusty kiseru pipe. What do you get if you take a generous helping of Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, mix well with a portion of Mario 64, and add a heavy sprinkling of traditional Japanese culture? The answer, of course, is...

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    Virtual Console / Sega Mega Drive

    Review Pulseman

    Will Pulseman's quality shock you?

    Ask yourself this - what games have Game Freak actually developed? Many people will probably only answer with "Pokémon," but the truth is, before Pokémon was even created, Game Freak was responsible for a handful of unique titles of their own. Pulseman was strangely only released in Japan originally. It...

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    Virtual Console / Virtual Console Arcade

    Review Altered Beast

    Welcome to your doom!

    There’s no two ways about it: Altered Beast is a terrible game. Even here, in a perfect conversion of the arcade original, it’s so horrendously stodgy and repetitive that it makes you wonder quite why anyone holds it in the slightest bit of regard. For those lucky few amongst you yet to engage in a little beast altering,...

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    Virtual Console / TurboGrafx-16

    Review SimEarth: The Living Planet

    Put the weight of the world in your hands...

    The simulation genre has come a long way - maybe not so much in the area of depth, as that's always been there. Where it has really progressed is in presentation: nowadays it’s no longer up to the player to have enough imagination to fill in the gaps left by technical limitations. Unfortunately, those...

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    Super Nintendo

    Review Princess Maker - Legend of Another World

    Overall, a pretty regal experience.

    The Princess Maker series by Akai/Gainax isn't all that well known in the West – which is hardly surprising. Besides one failed translation project by SoftEgg in 1993, the franchise has never reached Western shores, and while the game may be considered by some as catering to a niche market, it is in fact a...

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    Virtual Console / Nintendo 64

    Review Super Smash Bros.

    Does the original Super Smash Bros. still knock out the competition these days?

    Nintendo's most popular (and only!) fighting franchise started off quite strangely - in fact, it originally didn't even have any existing Nintendo characters! Created by Kirby Creator Masahiro Sakurai of HAL Laboratory and Satoru Iwata, the game was originally called...

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    Review Genghis Khan II: Clan of the Gray Wolf


    Koei's 'Universal Ruler' simulator lets you live the life of the Mongol legend himself. You'll go where he goes, defile what he defiles and eat who he eats. But before you misjudge this game as an indecipherable Japanese take on medieval Mongolian life, understand that Genghis Khan II is actually a conquer the world style game...

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    Virtual Console / Virtual Console Arcade

    Review Space Harrier

    An interesting slice of gaming history for fans of early 3D games.

    Space Harrier is notable for being one of the first arcade games to use a motorised cabinet in its sit-down version, and in the realms of sprite-based third-person 3D shooters it's certainly at the more advanced end of the scale. It was highly popular back when it was released in the...

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    Virtual Console / Master System

    Review Fantasy Zone II

    Does Opa-Opa's second adventure feature the same unique charm of the original?

    The original Fantasy Zone release kicked off a series of shooters that's still quite popular to this day. When the game was released on the Sega Master System, it immediately became one of the more beloved titles for the console so it was pretty much a given that a sequel...

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    Virtual Console / Sega Mega Drive

    Review Galaxy Force II

    Galaxy Force II is another classic Sega arcade shooter that hasn't aged very well.

    Galaxy Force II debuted as a Sega arcade release, using the same type of sprite scaling seen in Sega's other arcade title Space Harrier, and basically mimicked 3-D scrolling without the use of actual polygon graphics. While Sega's Saturn console would later get a...

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    Wii Virtual Console / Super Nintendo

    Review Nobunaga's Ambition

    An ambitious strategy game from a nobler time.

    It is hard to imagine now, but there was once a time when strategy games were the primary style of play on home computers. Japanese game developer Koei made it their mission to bring this style of game to consoles. And by appearances, they were successful given the sheer volume of games they were able...

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    Super Nintendo

    Review Sutte Hakkun

    Sutte Hakkun might just be one of the most unique video game experiences ever crafted.

    Every so often a game comes along that makes you take your thumb off the fire button and don your thinking cap. But who wants to have to spend a lot of time thinking just to get through a game, you say? Well one thing that stands abundantly clear from playing...