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  • News Here's a Breakdown of All That Swapdoodle DLC

    There's a lot of it

    Today, somewhat out of the blue, Nintendo released Swapdoodle in North America and Europe, a spiritual successor to the long lost Swapnote / Nintendo Letter Box. As the name suggests it allows you to swap messages in doodle form with friends, even doing so online provided you've registered the relevant chums. As you can see in...

  • News Swapdoodle Available Now For Free In North America And Europe

    Share 3D images with other 3DS owners

    Image sharing app Swapdoodle is available to download now in North America and Europe. Cost to you? Absolutely nothing. The app allows you to sketch 3D pictures and share them with other 3DS owners. It even comes with special doodle lesson packs based on famous Nintendo franchises. These packs can be purchased...