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  • News Isaiah TriForce Johnson and Captain Nintendo Dude Get in Line for the Nintendo Switch Launch

    'Switching' around and passing the torch

    Some of you may know Isaiah TriForce Johnson for his work in eSports with Empire Arcadia, but there's a good chance that many of you know him as the man that is traditionally first in line for the New York launches of Nintendo consoles. He was first with Wii U, 3DS and more, though previously confirmed he...

  • Poll Are You An Early Adopter With The New Nintendo 3DS?

    Big games to choose from, too

    There's always some buzz when new hardware arrives, and while the New Nintendo 3DS is a mid-generation iteration it does, nevertheless, bring new goodies to fans of portable gaming. Nintendo's lined up its ducks for the release, too, ensuring that multiple major retail titles have landed in stores with the systems to...

  • Reminder There's Still Time to Hit a New Nintendo 3DS Midnight Launch

    If you're super keen for super stable 3D

    In just a short number of hours the New Nintendo 3DS will launch in the West, the latest hardware from the big N to give eager fans that new system buzz. Sure, it's an iteration in the current portable generation, but it's a meaty upgrade nonetheless. These shiny new systems will undoubtedly be calling out to...

  • Video This Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Launch Advert Will Fire You Up

    The hype is real

    At the time of writing Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS is just hours away, bringing us the first portable entry in the series and ending some serious pre-launch hype; then we'll start all over again for the Winter arrival of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. As the brawler is now upon us Nintendo UK has released a suitably dramatic...

  • News Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS National Open Tournament to Find the Best Fighter in the US

    There's a champion's robe and trophy at stake

    With Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS now just a little over a week away, Nintendo of America has announced a national tournament in the US to find the best fighter in the country. In addition, the Nintendo World Store in New York will run a special event on 2nd October (at 8pm Eastern time) for gamers...

  • News Wii U Premium Bundles Most Popular in UK Launch

    System memory and a bundled game matter, clearly

    The Wii U Premium Pack was by far the people's favourite in the UK over its launch weekend, proving to be the superior of the bundle bunch. The Premium 32GB bundle reportedly accounted for 60% of the Wii U's sales this past weekend, while the ZombiU package sold at 30%. That just leaves the Basic 8GB...

  • Feature EU Wii U Launch Day - Live!

    Hey America, now it's our turn!

    Wii U launched what feels like years ago - Sunday 18th November in North America, to be precise. After literally days of waiting (days can seem like months when it comes to new Nintendo hardware) Europe is finally getting the shiny new system, and we're going to share the experience with you just as we did with the US...

  • News People Are Already Queuing For The Wii U In London

    Dedicated fans show their appreciation for Nintendo

    Last week we reported that HMV's flagship store on Oxford Street would be hosting the UK's Wii U midnight launch, with the first 100 in the line getting a free copy of New Super Mario Bros. U. Some more prizes and goody bags will be given away on the night too to mark the occasion. It comes as no...

  • News Wii U UK Launch Event Set for HMV in London

    Free games for the first 100

    With one week before its release in Europe, details have now emerged of the UK's Wii U launch event — it's set for HMV's flagship London store on Oxford Street. As you'd expect it'll be a midnight launch, and various incentives and activities are planned to keep eager Wii U early-adopters warm. The doors will...

  • News Nintendo Provides Final Wii U Launch Line-Up for Europe

    The final, final list

    With the European launch of Wii U getting ever closer — quiet, North Americans — Nintendo of Europe has now issued its definitive list of packaged retails games that'll be there on day one. We already knew about all — or at least most — of these, but it's nevertheless nice to see a confirmed line-up for what games...

  • News Isaiah Triforce Johnson Is Already Queuing For His Wii U

    Remember the guy who gets all the Nintendo consoles first?

    Serial queue-starter Isaiah Triforce Johnson has made a bit of a name for himself as the first person to buy just about every piece of Nintendo hardware in recent history. He was the first to purchase Wii and the first to get his hands on 3DS in North America. Now, he has already begun to...

  • Round Up Wii U Launch Window Games

    Wallets at the ready

    Nintendo's Wii U "Launch window" is defined as the period beginning when the console is released, and ends on March 31, 2013. We've trawled through the information we have to provide you with the following details of confirmed launch day and launch period games; where necessary we've indicated a specific region. Nintendo itself...

  • Feature Launching a Console Without Mario

    No mascot on day one

    In recent weeks we've been looking at console launches, as preparation for the pre-launch hype for Wii U that's set to begin at E3 2012. So far we've explored console launches in general but also the launch of Wii, a system that notably arrived without a Mario title but has nevertheless achieved major sales success. In some...

  • News Iwata Won't Promise "Overwhelmingly Rich" Wii U Launch Line-Up

    Has "several proposals"

    The 3DS had a lacklustre line-up of games. You know it, we know it and Nintendo knows it. The real question is how the company will avoid a similar situation with Wii U when it launches later this year. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata told investors that it has plans in place but that it pledges to create...

  • News Iwata Knows 3DS Launch Line-Up was Lacklustre

    Big titles were AWOL

    The 3DS launched without a Mario or Zelda game, and it's fair to say the machine's sales so far haven't been stunning. Satoru Iwata was recently asked about this matter during a shareholder Q&A, and acknowledged the machine's software line-up wasn't impressive. If we had have launched the Nintendo 3DS after we had prepared...

  • News 3DS Launch Sales Have Been Breaking Records Worldwide

    Reggie Fils-Aime explains why the 3DS and DS launches shouldn't be compared with each other

    The 3DS has launched in all major territories now and the launch period sales figures have been undoubtedly impressive. Japan was the debut region for the 3DS and a reported 374,764 consoles were sold during its launch weekend with another 209,623 units...

  • News Melbourne EB Games to Host Official 3DS Launch Party

    Launch games confirmed too

    Oh Australia: in all the excitement about the 3DS European and North American launches, with their special guests and exciting giveaways, somehow you got forgotten about. Don't worry though: we still love you, so here's the 3DS launch events you could be attending next Wednesday night. The official event kicks off next Wednesday night at Melbourne's EB Games store on..

  • News This is Your Chance to Dragon Punch Street Fighter's Producer

    Or Hadouken, if you prefer

    We told you about the official UK 3DS midnight launch the other day, with your chance to step up on stage and battle other players, but Nintendo has just revealed one of the opponents is none other than Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition producer Yoshinori Ono. Ono will attend to sign copies of the game at the official UK...

  • News Best Buy in New York to Host the Big 3DS Launch Event

    Food, fun and freebies

    It's less than one week until you can get your very own Nintendo 3DS, but if the concept of waiting even a few more hours is enough to turn your guts to jelly you might want to turn up to the Best Buy in New York's Union Square this Saturday night to attend the console's official launch party. Nintendo promises music and...

  • News Canadian 3DS Launch Event Split Between Two Cities

    The ears of Toronto and Vancouver are burning

    Ahead of its North American launch on 27th March, Canadian gamers can experience the 3DS at one of two venues as part of Nintendo's official 3DS launch event. On Saturday, 26th March from 6:00pm to 12:00am; Toronto, Ontario, and Vancouver, British Columbia will be hosting the special occasion where...

  • News Japanese Gamers Have Bought Plenty of Consoles Already

    All gone?

    Saturday saw the Japanese release of the Nintendo 3DS, and predictably the console sold extremely well, with newspaper Nikkei (via Andriasang) reporting the initial shipment of 400,000 units of the machine have all sold out across the country. Shop shelves shouldn't be bare for too long though, with Nintendo promising to deliver a total of...

  • News Cast Envious Eyes at Japanese Gamers Buying their 3DS Today

    Go on, give 'em a scowl

    Today's the day: Nintendo's new handheld, the 3DS, is officially available to buy for the first time in Japan, for ¥25,000 (around $305 / £190 / €220). Kotaku reports the majority of Tokyo stores sold out of their stocks all-but immediately, and has put together a short video below showing some of the sights of the first...

  • News European 3DS Launch Line-up Close to Being Finalised

    To be revealed a lot sooner than the Japanese launch

    Seven weeks prior to the upcoming Japanese launch of the 3DS, Nintendo was in a position where it officially revealed the launch titles that will be released in conjunction with the console. Whilst Nintendo of Europe isn't quite ready to announce what titles will be available on 25th March, the company is confident the final line-up will be..

  • News Four Million 3DS Systems Available Worldwide for Launch Window

    Will it be enough?

    When Nintendo of Japan's Satoru Iwata recently sat down with the Wall Street Journal, he let it be known that Nintendo would have four million 3DS systems available to consumers worldwide through the end of the fiscal year on March 31. Of these four million units, 1.5 million will be allocated to Japan with the remaining 2.5...

  • News Third-Parties Take the Lead for Japan 3DS Launch

    Only one first-party game launching alongside the handheld

    With the 3DS launching in Japan on 26th February, it's perhaps surprising that there's only going to be one first-party title that will be sitting on the shelves when the wonder machine hits retailers. Nintendo has updated its website with a line-up of upcoming 3DS titles, with a total of...

  • News Feast Your Eyes on 3DS's Launch Line Up in Japan

    Updated: Not necessarily day one titles

    Update: It's come to our attention this is only a list of titles for the console's launch window, not necessarily those titles that will be available at launch. Some will, some will follow weeks later.* February 26th is the date those lucky Japanese get to buy their very own 3DS, but what good is a new console...

  • News 3DS Launches Feb. 26 in Japan

    Europe and North America join the fun in March

    During Nintendo Conference 2010, CEO Satoru Iwata announced the Japanese launch date and price for the upcoming 3DS handheld. The portable will release on Feb 26, 2011 and retail for 25,000 yen. The two launch colours are Aqua Blue and Cosmo Black. Prices vary by market and it's tough to say that the...

  • News Meet the Dragon Quest Creator at this DQIX Launch Event

    Also featuring a Dragon Quest ice cream truck

    Nintendo's desire to get the name Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies on everyone's lips gathers apace. Fresh from the appointment of Seth Green in a series of adverts the Big N has just announced a launch event at Rockefeller Plaza on Saturday July 10th. Guest of honour for the event will be Yuji Horii, creator of the Dragon Quest series,..

  • News The 3DS Might Make it in Time for Christmas Shopping Lists

    All we want for Christmas...is you!

    When the Wii launched in Europe around the Christmas period back in 2006, it was undoubtedly one of the top-sellers of the holiday season and with supply shortages surpassing what was expected, Nintendo was in a position where it couldn't satisfy consumer demands. If CVG's source is correct, we could see the 3DS...

  • News 3DS Design May Still be Tweaked, Expected to Launch by March

    Feedback from E3 taken onboard

    Now we know what's to come on Nintendo's upcoming new handheld, the big question gamers want answered is when it will be out. Following last week's report that the 3DS should be released by the end of the fiscal year, Reggie Fils-Aime has spoken to IndustryGamers and confirmed the scheduled launch period and the possibility of the final look being different to what..

  • News Meet Charles Martinet at the Super Mario Galaxy 2 UK Launch Event

    Dress up as Mario and you'll get a goody bag too!

    As Nintendo gets ready for the UK launch of the highly-anticipated Super Mario Galaxy 2, gamers better sharpen their costume-making skills as the company announces a special launch event to be hosted at GAME, Oxford Street in London. As well as being the first people in Europe to play and get their hands on a copy of the critically acclaimed..

  • Report Monster Hunter Tri Event Australia

    Fun, rumours and food abound!

    We were lucky enough to score a visit to Nintendo Australia's launch of Monster Hunter Tri on Cockatoo Island in Sydney Harbour. While there, we got a chance to play the new game, eat lots of food, and hear a few interesting things come up in conversation, none of which is to be taken as official, and currently only to be taken as rumour of course. We were greeted..

  • News Crystal Mario Surfaces Down Under

    Melbournians, show your NSMB Wii chops to win!

    The Nintendo Experience, EB Games of Swanston St, Melbourne are hosting the only launch event for New Super Mario Bros. Wii in Australia. From 9pm onwards on November 11th, everyone is invited to join in on the fun and have a chance to play the game with others before taking their own purchased copy...

  • News DSi Launch Party in Los Angeles

    Nintendo will be holding a DSi launch party in LA, which of you mad cats will be attending this sweet scene?

    Nintendo’s DSi launches in the United States April fifth. Hold your suspense, yes, that’s this week. If you’ve got your calendar set on this event, and if you also happen to be in Los Angeles, you’ll have the chance to attend a launch party hosted by none other than Nintendo. The..

  • News Nintendo Give Back At Wii Fit Launch

    It's not difficult to realise that Nintendo are going to make a fortune with Wii Fit, thankfully for the global economy they decided to give some back at this weeks launch event.

    To celebrate the launch of Wii Fit, Nintendo held an interactive release party for the public in the southwest corner of New York's Central Park, near the Merchants' Gate. "We're looking for everyone to 'get on board'..

  • News Nintendo & Metroid Corrupts The US

    Nintendo fans lined up as early as 4a.m. at Nintendo World in New York to purchase Nintendo's new Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.

    Game kiosks at Nintendo World in New York were outfitted to receive Nintendo fans who lined up to purchase Nintendo's New Metroid Prime 3: Corruption on Monday. The rich story requires players to use their heads as much as their hands. Complex puzzles, tough enemies and..

  • News Out Today - Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

    Almost a year late, Metroid Prime 3 finally hits the shelves in the US and is ready for all to see, Reggie has Corrupted us all!

    Originally a launch title for Wii, Metroid Prime 3 is the 3rd (duh) and deemed last in the Metroid Prime trilogy. "The trilogy ends ... with a bang! Six months have passed since the events on the planet Aether. The Galactic Federation's network computers, Aurora Units,..