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  • News Tomodachi Collection: New Life Detailed in Latest Nintendo Direct

    Love and hate

    Last month during a Japan-only Nintendo Direct, the company revealed a hardware bundle for upcoming 3DS title Tomodachi Collection: New Life in Japan. A Nintendo Direct was broadcast yesterday focusing on the 3DS sequel, in which plenty of details were given about the simulation game. As we've

  • Rumour Bravely Default: Flying Fairy Is Taking Flight To The West

    Localisation may be in the works as we speak

    It may have one of the strangest names, but Bravely Default: Flying Fairy is high on the "most wanted" 3DS games list for many western RPG lovers. There hasn't been an official announcement on a release date outside of Japan, but earlier last month the game's Twitter page hinted that localisation could...

  • News Pokémon Scramble U Set To Be The First Wii U Title To Use The NFC Feature

    We can hear our wallets crying

    The latest edition of CoroCoro magazine has released some new information on upcoming Pokémon title for the Wii U, Pokémon Scramble U. The game will be released in Japan on the 24th April, and it'll be the first title to utilize the console's NFC (Near Field Communication) feature. NFC allows the player to place...

  • News Professor Layton And The Azran Legacies Release Date Solved For Japan

    Layton's final mystery out next month

    Famitsu has released some new information on Level-5's next installment in the Professor Layton franchise, Professor Layton and the Azran Legacies, revealing that the game will launch in Japan on 28th February. It was confirmed during a Nintendo Direct broadcast in the summer that this would be the final puzzle...

  • News New Japanese Trailer for Dragon Quest VII 3DS Remake


    Square Enix of Japan has unveiled a new trailer for the upcoming 3DS remake of the PlayStation classic Dragon Quest VII. While the 3DS remake will remain largely true to its predecessor, we reported earlier this month that there will be visible encounters rather than random battles, which can be seen in the trailer. According to CVG

  • First Impressions Dopamix

    Is this Japan-only eShop release going to be music to your ears?

    As games get more complicated, with motion controls and complex button layouts, is it still possible to have fun while playing a game using only one button? With the Japan-exclusive eShop title Dopamix (made by G-mode, the current owners of the Data East back catalogue, which includes...

  • News Pokémon Mystery Dungeon 3DS Getting Japanese November Release

    Enter the Magna Gate and the Infinite Labyrinth

    Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Magna Gate and the Infinite Labyrinth will launch on the Nintendo 3DS in Japan on November 23rd, it has been confirmed. The latest instalment in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series, this first 3DS entry apparently allows you to take photos of real-world objects using the 3DS...

  • News Witness Layton's 'Last Adventure' In New 3DS Trailer

    Yet another Level-5 trailer

    Today Level-5 has most definitely been leading the pack at Tokyo Game Show, showing off all its upcoming 3DS titles and wowing the crowds with gorgeous new trailers. Earlier today we reported the newly released trailers of Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney and Fantasy Life, and now we bring you the brand new trailer for...

  • News Take a Look at Level-5's Fantasy Life TGS Trailer

    It's all kinds of cute

    Level-5 is keeping itself very busy at the moment, with the development of the upcoming Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney, as well as possibly the cutest RPG you will ever come across, Fantasy Life. The new trailer from Tokyo Game Show shows off the customisation features, some of the 20 playable jobs (such as a fisherman,...

  • News Rhythm Hunter: HarmoKnight Is Almost as Big as New Super Mario Bros. 2

    In terms of data, at least

    We're all quite excited about Rhythm Hunter: HarmoKnight here at Nintendo Life - it was arguably one of the highlights of the Japanese Nintendo Direct broadcast last week. Combining platforming with rhythm action, the game launches in Japan this week, although a western release hasn't been confirmed as yet. However, sho

  • News Namco Bandai Release New 'Grandpa Danger' Screenshots

    Potty mouth

    Last month we reported the announcement of a rather odd upcoming Japanese 3DS title, Denjarasu Jii-San Jya. 'Grandpa Danger', as he's known in North America, is a popular Japanese manga strip featured in Coro Coro magazine. In the 3DS adaptation, players will be put in the shoes of Grandpa as he goes on a quest to save his friends who...

  • News Bravely Default: Flying Fairy Japanese Box Art Revealed

    Title meaning also uncovered...

    The time is nigh for Japanese RPG fans, Bravely Default: Flying Fairy will be fluttering over to the 3DS console on 11th October. Square Enix has now revealed the official and finalised Japanese box art for the game, and incidentally uncovered a reasonably high age rating for an RPG on the 3DS - CERO C (15+). Since...

  • News Namco Bandai Opens Dragon Ball Heroes Official Site

    It's official

    On Saturday we reported a rumour that Namco Bandai would be be bringing the arcade game Dragon Ball Heroes to the 3DS, in Japan. This has now been confirmed, as Namco Bandai has opened up an official website for the 3DS version — Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission. You can check out the website here. While it's currently a little...

  • Rumour Dragon Ball Heroes Heading For 3DS

    It's over 9000!

    There have been reports suggesting that Namco Bandai may be bringing the arcade title, Dragon Ball Heroes, to the 3DS in Japan: it's a Japanese card-based arcade game, originally released in late 2010 and developed by Dimps. The 3DS version will apparently be called Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission, and is said to include a...

  • News Mitchell Corp. Prepping Nagerupu Matrix for Japanese 3DS eShop

    Puzz Loop studio is back in the puzzle game

    Mitchell Corp. — possibly best known as the creator of Pang, Polarium and Puzz Loop/Magnetica (which has been cloned as Zuma in the past) — is set to launch a new puzzle title on the Japanese 3DS eShop tomorrow (8th August). Called Nagerupu Matrix — which roughly translates as Action Puzzle Matrix...

  • News Columns Coming to 3DS Virtual Console with Local Multiplayer

    Link up

    The Japanese eShop is getting a Columns-shaped treat soon. The Game Gear version of SEGA's addictive puzzler will join the 3DS Virtual Console line-up on 8th August. It'll also have a function that we've rarely seen so far on 3DS Virtual Console: you'll be able to play in local multiplayer, provided that both users have a copy of the game...

  • News Nintendo Talks Dragon Quest X in Latest Direct Broadcast

    Spot the Treevil

    Nintendo has published its latest Nintendo Direct broadcast, this time focusing on the upcoming Japanese release Dragon Quest X. The broadcast began with an introduction from Satoru Iwata, and then included gameplay commentary from Dragon Quest designer Yuji Horii, series producer Yousuke Saito and director Jin Fujisawa, who you...

  • News Bravely Default Demo Flutters onto the Japanese eShop

    Get a job

    Square Enix has announced that the next Bravely Default: Flying Fairy demo will be heading to the Japanese 3DS eShop on Wednesday. This will be the fourth playable demo available to the public, and is entitled 'Job and Ability Volume'. Those who download the demo will be able to sample five of the jobs on offer in the game: Knight, Mystic...

  • News New Club Nintendo of Japan Rewards

    Featuring the Mario gang and Kirby

    Today Nintendo of Japan has added two more goodies to its already bountiful collection of merchandise on the Club Nintendo website. For a mere 200 points you can bag yourself a rather snazzy-looking 40x40mm Kirby 20th Anniversary Special Collection medallion, to celebrate Kirby's recent escapade at the top of the...

  • News Genius Sonority's Denpa Ningen no RPG Heading to the West

    You know, the guys behind Pokémon Colosseum

    We at Nintendo Life absolutely loved Pokémon Colosseum. Who didn't? Which is precisely why we are so excited to hear that Colosseum developer Genius Sonority is bringing its latest 3DS eShop game over to the West. Back in January, we introduced you to the utterly absurd-looking Denpa Ningen no RPG...

  • News Square Enix Presents the Bravely Default: Flying Fairy Collectors Pack

    Heaven-sent goodies

    The rather oddly named Bravely Default: Flying Fairy is heading to 3DS consoles all over Japan on 11th October, and to celebrate the release of one of the prettiest games on the system Square Enix has compiled a rather amazing Collectors Edition of the game. The pack includes a copy of the game, the original soundtrack, a 3DS...

  • News Demon Training Demo Heads to the Japanese 3DS eShop

    Get a first look at Dr Kawashima's demonic floating head

    Last week we reported that Nintendo would be broadcasting a short Nintendo Direct conference dedicated entirely to the upcoming 3DS game, Dr Kawashima's Demon Training. The broadcast featured examples of some of the puzzles on offer, which can be seen listed below, as well as some disturbing...

  • News Grandpa Danger Jya Coming to 3DS

    But most likely never leaving Japan

    Today Namco Bandai opened a new teaser site for the little known Denjarasu Jii-san Jya. It's a 3DS game based around the manga Grandpa Danger, which features in the monthly Japanese manga publication CoroCoro magazine. Grandpa Danger's teaser site features a trailer, which doesn't shed any light on the game, but...

  • News Japanese Virtual Console List: June 2012

    The Neo Geo assault carries on

    Three more games for the Wii Virtual Console in Japan this month, and as is to be expected now the majority are Neo Geo games. With Metal Slug 3's recent western release, we hope to see some more games for the system coming to the Virtual Console outside of Japan as well. The full list for June is as follows: Super...

  • News Japanese Virtual Console List: May 2012

    The fun continues

    There were just two games last month, but this time the count will be slightly creeping up again as Japan is scheduled to get three new Wii Virtual Console games. Just like the past few months, D4 continues to show strong support, as two of the new games will be Neo Geo games, while the remaining one is a Famicom title unlikely to...

  • News Japanese Virtual Console List: April 2012

    Slowing down

    It's a bit of a slow month this time for Japan, as only two new games will be released. Neither are big surprises: Europe already got one a while ago and the other has already been announced for European release. Both of them are pretty nice games though, so although the offerings are slim compared to normal, at least they're of good...

  • News Japanese Virtual Console List - March 2012

    Four more

    For the first time in a long while, Japan will actually be receiving fewer Wii Virtual Console games than another region. Europe, to be precise, all because of the truckload of Virtual Console games scheduled for March. Japan will still receive four games though, so let's take a look at what they are. Japan's full list for March is as...

  • News Japanese Virtual Console List - February 2012

    Neo Geo support continues

    Japan is getting three more Wii Virtual Console games this month. The scale is clearly tipped in the favour of the Neo Geo once more, as it will see yet another two games. If only we'd see some more Neo Geo games in the West. Japan's full list for this month is as follows: Super Famicom Kunio-Kun no Dodge Ball Dayo Zenin Shuugo! — Essentially the SNES version of Super..

  • News Japanese Virtual Console List - January 2012

    Ringing in the new year

    Nintendo of Japan continues to deliver the goods, with three more games slated for release on the Wii Virtual Console this month. Will we see any release in the west at all? The full list for Japan this month is as follows: Famicom Ganbare Goemon 2 — The second game in the classic series (not counting its arcade origins), this was still before any of the titles made it out..

  • News Japanese Virtual Console List - December 2011

    Keep on trucking

    Japan got seven Wii Virtual Console games last month while other regions got zero, but they still show no signs of stopping, as next month will offer another four. It's evenly divided between the Super Famicom and Neo Geo, with one of the games being another instalment in a certain Capcom series that ends with "X". The...

  • News Japanese Virtual Console List: November 2011

    A whopping seven new titles

    Europe is now getting frightfully close to going five entire months without a Wii Virtual Console game, and North America also hasn't had anything in a while, but that isn't stopping Japan from trucking on. Although most of their previous months only had three or four games, this month has a whopping seven, one of the...

  • News Japanese Virtual Console List - October 2011

    Four score

    The amount of releases for Wii Virtual Console in the West has gotten woefully small as of late. Europe hasn't had a new title since early June, while the last handful of releases North America has gotten were all simply to catch up to Europe. The situation isn't so dire in Japan: they've been getting four or more new games per month for...

  • News Check Out the Concept Trailer for Monster Hunter 4

    A beast of a game

    Yesterday, we announced that Monster Hunter 4 was headed to the 3DS, the next entry in Capcom's popular franchise. You can now watch the announcement trailer below over and over, which the company has revealed is more concept than gameplay footage. Still, it's fun to watch, ain't it? There's no confirmation yet that this title will...

  • News Take a Look at Square Enix's Upcoming 3DS JRPG

    Bravely Default: Flying Fairy trailer, AR screens inside

    During Nintendo's 3DS press conference yesterday, one game that caught our eye was Square Enix's upcoming JRPG Bravely Default: Flying Fairy, set for release in 2012. The name may not sound like much, but now you can glimpse gameplay footage in the trailer below. We previously announced that...

  • News Japanese Virtual Console List - September 2011

    Japan keeps getting the goodies

    The Wii Virtual Console might barely be getting any games in the West now — Europe hasn't had any new ones for almost three months — but that isn't stopping Japan from continuing at the same pace as always. This month Japanese Wii owners will get another four new titles to download. Atlus keeps supporting the service with another Megami Tensei title, while the..

  • News Twinbee is Your Next 3D Classic on 3DS

    What do you mean, 'what's Twinbee?'

    Top-down shooters are ripe for resurrection in Nintendo's 3D Classics line: recent release 3D Classics Xevious did a decent job, and next it's Konami's turn with a version of classic arcade shooter Twinbee. The revamped game takes flight to Japan on 10th August for 600 Yen, the same price as Xevious. Interestingly...

  • News Japanese Virtual Console List - August 2011

    Three more classics

    We've reached the start of a new month again, which means Nintendo of Japan has once again revealed its upcoming plans for the Wii Virtual Console. There are just three new games this August, with the Neo Geo still enjoying a good bit of a resurgence. All three games are pretty good, though there's no particular surprises this time. The full list of games Japan will get next..

  • News 3D Classics Urban Champion Coming to Brawl on eShop Soon

    The NES 'classic' which no one asked for in 3D!

    While we wait for some original 3D games to arrive in the eShop, we’re more than happy to enjoy some classic NES remakes. 3D Classics Excitebike was warmly received, especially as it was a free download to coincide with the delayed eShop launch. We’re also looking forward to 3D Classics Xevious in...

  • News Japanese Virtual Console List - July 2011

    Four more for the Wii

    The 3DS Virtual Console is only getting its titles revealed every week, but the Wii Virtual Console is still sticking with the tried and true method of revealing the entire next month's plans at the end of the previous month. There's not really any big surprises this time, though there is one small one in the form of G-mode finally bringing a certain classic Data East..

  • News Japanese TV Service Launches on 3DS this Tuesday

    Fuji Television and Nippon Television providing content

    With the launch of the Nintendo eShop earlier this month, the 3DS has picked up momentum after a period of flagging hardware sales, and that momentum is continuing to build as Nintendo is about to launch its television service on its handheld console. As translated by Andriasang, Nintendo's collaboration with Japanese networks Fuji Television..

  • News Japanese Virtual Console list - June 2011

    Two games each for the Super Famicom, Neo Geo and Arcade

    Japan's seeing a bit of a resurgence in Virtual Console releases, as recently it's been receiving five or six games per month. This month is no different, with six games divided equally across three systems. It includes another Square Enix game, but sadly, it's one of Square's lesser known titles, and not another game from the Enix catalogue..

  • News Listen Up, Capcom's 3D Sound Adventure Launches in August

    In Japan, that is

    Capcom's experimentation with 3D sound in its upcoming adventure game Nazo Waku Yakata (roughly translated as Nazo Waku Mansion) certainly gathered interest when initial game details were revealed in March. Now courtesy of the game's official website, the Japanese release date has been announced, a move that's sure to remind some...

  • News Beyond the Labyrinth Headed to 3DS in Japan

    An RPG to watch

    Pandora's Tower is among the highly anticipated games slated for the Japanese market but without any current plans for Western release. You can add to that list Beyond the Labyrinth, an upcoming 3DS RPG from tri-Ace, developer of such games as Star Ocean and Valkyrie Profile and published in Japan by Konami. Directed by Takayuki Suguro, little is known besides the fact that it stars..

  • News Japanese Virtual Console list - May 2011

    Five games for this year's fifth month

    Normally, Nintendo reveals its Japanese Virtual Console plans for the upcoming month on the last Friday of the month, but this time we have it a day early. Next month sees a bit of a Neo Geo resurrection, with three new games being released for the system. Japan will also get the fifth NES outing of the Blue Bomber, as well as a SNES fighter already released..

  • News New Kirby Game Details Gathered, Now Absorb Them

    A gang of Kirbies embark on their latest DS adventure

    Since Nintendo announced the development of a new Kirby game at a conference it held last September, things have been rather quiet until now. As reported by 1UP, Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu has detailed some initial game info on Atsumete! Kirby (roughly translated as Gather! Kirby.) Fruit w

  • News Pandora's Tower Will Require Players to Collect Monster Meat

    It's for a noble cause

    With the recent Pandora's Tower trailer hitting our computer screens, gamers are finally catching a glimpse of what the game is all about. Thanks to tidbits gleaned from Japanese retailers, we now know a little bit more. The central character is Ende, equipped with a chain as seen in the trailer. As he progresses through the...

  • News Star Fox 64 3D Entering Japanese Airspace on 14th July

    The fox that can fly makes his return this summer

    Fox McCloud and his motley crew of wingmen are back this summer as they barrel roll their way into an upcoming Japanese release. Announced back at E3 2010, Star Fox 64 3D is an updated 3DS instalment of Star Fox 64 on the Nintendo 64, and thanks to the depth perception achieved by the handheld's 3D...

  • News Capcom Brings New Super Mario Bros. Wii to the Arcades

    With a twist, or shall we say "spin"?

    A Mario game from Capcom? That's what Japanese arcade gamers will be playing, although it's not exactly what you would expect. Capcom has announced its medal machine New Super Mario Bros. Wii Coin World has hit arcades in Japan. Based on New Super Mario Bros. Wii, the cabinet supports four players and the object...

  • News Japan's Minna No Theater Channel Closes Its Curtains

    It's a wrap for the WiiWare video rental service

    Since its launch back in January 2009, Japan's Minna No Theater (Everyone's Wii Theater) service allowed users to stream rented video content on their Wii consoles, and half a year later, the service got a boost when homegrown and international films were added to the selection of various television shows. So it's unfortunate to see that the..

  • News Japanese Virtual Console list - April 2011

    Square and Capcom battle for supremacy

    You've already heard that a Chrono Trigger is coming to Virtual Console in Japan next month, but that's not the only thing to get excited over. Capcom is also releasing a big title next month, which happens to be the first of another series many have requested to make an appearance on the service. Here's a...