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  • News Flash Carts Could Be Slowly Killing Your Retro Consoles

    Scary technical details contained within

    The relentless march of technology - combined with the rising price of certain retro games - has created a healthy market for flash carts which allow you to load up a bunch of ROMs onto an SD card and play them on your original vintage consoles. We've made no secret of our affection for such carts in the...

  • Talking Point The Argument For And Against Retro Flash Carts

    Preserving the past, or exploiting it?

    As technology has advanced over the years, we've seen massive strides being taken in the realm of retro gaming, and one of the most important events to occur recently is the emergence of flash carts that allow gamers to potentially store every single game ever made for a single platform on an SD card and run...

  • News High Court Outlaws Flash Carts in UK

    Piracy? But that's not all they R4!

    The R4 flash cart has been the bane of Nintendo's handheld existence for years now, with the device widely being used to play illegally downloaded DS ROMs. Rampant piracy has made it especially difficult for third-party developers to reach projected sales marks, and is also the reason non-Japanese-speaking gamers...