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  • Poll It's The Year Of Splatoon 3 - Are You Excited?

    It's keen to make a splash

    Cast your mind back to the original concept trailer for Nintendo Switch (or watch it above, up to you). Nintendo had shown photogenic people playing Switch in the park, on a plane, at rooftop parties, and also in esports. Though Nintendo has generally gone for a relatively low-effort approach to pushing its role in...

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  • News Splatoon 2 Is Getting Another Game Update Next Week

    Nintendo isn't done with it just yet

    During the Nintendo Direct this week, we got another look at the upcoming 2022 release Splatoon 3 followed by an explanation from a "Squid Researcher" breaking down the new trailer. While Nintendo is hard at work on the latest entry in the squid-shooter multiplayer game, it hasn't completely forgotten about the...

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