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The original ToeJam & Earl was a quite a big hit for Sega at the time so it was a no-brainer than a sequel should be released. With the success of Sonic the Hedgehog it must have seemed like a logical step to reinvent ToeJam & Earl to be a 2D side-scrolling platform game as well. The exploration of an almost open-end world and long list of funny power-ups are sadly lost in this 2D collect-a-thon so fans of the original may not necessarily warm to this sequel.

After their first adventure ToeJam and Earl have returned back to their home planet of Funkotron as heroes. What they did not realise that some of those crazy 'Earthlings' had hitched a lift back home with them! Before you can say 'funktabolous' they are up to no good causing havoc so TJ and Earl are tasked with the job of rounding them all up and sending them back to where they came from!

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Using your radar you plod around Funkatron capturing the pesky Earthlings you find in jars strangely enough. In addition to the jar throwing you can jump and shoot. The Earthlings are as 'wacky' as ever as you might expect. My favourite is the naked dude with a penchant for singing opera and hiding in a box!

The music and visuals retain the fun of the original game. After a short while you’ll find yourself humming along to the funky beats.


Unfortunately things get quite repetitive very quickly. Collecting the Earthlings and plodding around is only fun for a short time. There are a few mini games dotted along the way like the Hyperfunk Zone and some rhythm games but they only have short term appeal also. With two players the game is a lot more fun so if you have a buddy who is willing to play this through with you it may be worth a look. For solo players this is probably best avoided.