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The next title in the G.G series opts to return to the bullet hell genre with generally positive results. Due to the fact it makes little to no effort at creating its own identity, G.G Series SCORE ATTACKER is rather forgettable. That being said the controls are solid, the visuals and sound are suitably old-school, and the gameplay is fast paced. While this probably won't change your mind if you don't like bullet hell shooters, fans of the genre will find plenty to like here.

The premise puts players behind the controls of an intergalactic gunship and sees you blasting through legions of alien spaceships. The spritework and animation of everything on screen is extremely fluid and detailed, with a satisfying variety of enemy types. Colours really pop off the screen and contrast nicely with the darker backgrounds that scroll by rapidly. A surprising amount of attention was put into the soundtrack, as well, with a range of multiple chiptune tracks to back each stage. While none of these particularly stand out as memorable, it's nonetheless nice to see the developers put care into making a diverse soundtrack for this entry in a series that has a habit of borrowing from past releases.

Gameplay is typical of the bullet hell arcade shooter genre, borrowing heavily from titles such as Galaga or Xevious. Groups of small, easily defeated enemies enter the screen from any side and a mini boss occasionally shows up to give you a bit more trouble. Every defeated enemy contributes to an energy bar that allows the player to launch a really big cannon or temporarily deploy a shield. Controls are extremely tight and responsive and the shooting mechanics come together very well, though there is a problem with hitboxes.

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Simply put, it seems as though the player's hitbox is smaller than the ship itself, meaning that many bullets will pass over the sprite harmlessly. This isn't so much a problem at first, but in later levels when you're really sweating bullets, it can be difficult to navigate the chaos with confidence when you're not entirely sure exactly where your ship is vulnerable. It also would've been nice if a bit more thought would've been put into boss fights, as each end of level fight consists of the player running a gauntlet of multiple mini boss fights. Nonetheless, the combat remains dynamic and fast paced, and can be devilishly compelling once it hooks you.


Overall, G.G Series SCORE ATTACKER is a solid, if somewhat derivative, bullet hell shooter. It may not be a very original game and it's not without its flaws, but the chaotic gameplay and impactful visuals create a rather entertaining product. We'd recommend you pick this one up; while there's not anything here you haven't seen before, you'll still probably come away glad that you took the plunge.