Back in 2021, the legendary composer behind the likes of Metroid, Mother and Tetris, Hirokazu "Hip" Tanaka, released the aptly-named 'Lost Tapes' album, providing a never-before-heard sample of his demo tapes from the '80s and '90s.

Record label Super Fuji Discs has announced that a fresh batch of these demo tracks is on the way in the even more aptly-named 'More Lost Tapes', which has an expected release date of this August (thanks, The Ongaku).

The new compilation picks out 50 tracks from the composer's unreleased demo recordings (1981-2010) and packs them into a two-disk CD release. This includes instrumental demos and outtakes for many of the series to which Tanaka-san lent his musical wizardry as well as pre-release tracks for the Pokémon anime.

The album trailer (above) gives a pretty good idea of what to expect from this one and you can find the full track list below.

1. Echoes of Unspoken Love Demo (1980s)
2. ナイト (TX81Z) Demo Type-A
3. ナイト (TX81Z) Demo Type-B
4. More Deep Demo (1980s)
5. Reggae Rhythm Demo (1980s)
6. Improvised Song "Love Song With No Lyrics " (1981)
7. Walking in the Sun
8. Challengers of the Cosmos
9. Sad Harp Demo
10. Song 4 ESP Demo (1989)
11. Pigeon From M82
12. Drifting Stars
13. Shifting Cosmos Dub
14. Inorganic Combat Music
15. Warriors of the Universe
16. プール Demo (1980s)
17. 大樹となかまたち Demo (1999)
18. みんなの体操 Demo
19. 風といっしょに Aメロ Demo (1996)
20. ポケモン・オープニング・テーマ Demo Type-C (1998)
21. ニャースのうた Demo (1997)
22. ピカピカまっさいチュウ Demo (1998)
23. ポケモン・オープニング・テーマ Demo Type-B (1996)
24. ロケット団 Instrumental Demo
25. Improvised Song "Loving U" (2005)

1. OK Instrumental Demo (1999)
2. なつやすみファンクラブ First Demo (1998)
3. Demo Song by sc-8850 #6 (2000)
4. Demo Song by sc-8850 #5 (2000)
5. Long Time Ago Demo
6. Improvised Song "To You" (2005)
7. かくれんぼ Demo (2001)
8. Song Pop A Demo (1998)
9. おどるポケモン秘密基地 候補曲 Demo (2003)
10. Song Reggae Demo (1998)
11. ポケモン・オープニング・テーマ Demo (2004)
12. 冒険のはじまりだ!Demo (2003)
13. Improvised Song "Summer Night" (2005)
14. ちゃいリアンのセレナーデ Demo (2001)
15. ファンタ爺さん Melody Demo (2004)
16. とのさまガエル Track Demo (2004)
17. 名前さえあればいい Demo
18. チャレンジャー First Demo (2004)
19. あまのがわ Demo
20. 同姓同名ガンボ Demo
21. Song Momo Demo (1998)
22. ポケモン・オープニング・テーマ Demo Type-B (2010)
23. ベストウィッシュ First Demo (2010)
24. わたしはじてんしゃです Demo
25. Song Pop B Demo (1998)

Pre-orders for the More Lost Tapes album are now available on Play-Asia, Blank Street Records and Rough Trade.

Will you be picking up a copy of More Lost Tapes? Jam out in the comments and let us know.

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