Mario Strikers: Battle League
Image: Nintendo

The UEFA EURO 2024 competition isn't normally a hotspot for Nintendo references, though we couldn't help but notice a particularly snazzy pair of boots in today's match-up between Croatia and Albania.

The Albanian right winger, Jasir Asani, rocked up to the fixture in a pair of custom Super Mario-inspired boots. The design proudly displays the Nintendo mascot on the outside, while gold coins adorn the teal background.

You can get a closer look at the design in the following tweet from @ESPNFC:

Perhaps a little sleeker than the brown work boots we are used to seeing on the plumber, but Asani's choice is probably a better pick on the field. Hey, at the time of writing, the winger has already snapped up an assist in these Mario-inspired bad boys.

What better way to see in the announcement of Mario & Luigi: Brothership, eh?

What do you make of these custom boots? Let us know in the comments.