Following a reveal last May, a new trailer for Rune Factory: Project Dragon has now been shared at this year's showcase.

It formally introduces the title's protagonists Subaru and Kaguya. Instead of farming, the pair will use "the power of dance" to communicate and interact with the world around them. There will be plenty of combat (including new weapons) as well. Here's the rundown courtesy of the official PR:

"Players can choose to play as either Subaru or Kaguya, two new Earthmates with a twist; they will use the power of dance, rather than farming, to communicate and interact with the world around them. This new approach to interacting with the world comes with non-combat tools, including parasols and drums; series staple weapons like swords; and brand-new weapon types to experiment with, including bows and talismans."

As noted in the original announcement, this new spin-off of the fantasy lifestyle series is set in the "Eastern lands with a Japanese-style aesthetic". No release date or platforms have been confirmed just yet, but it's currently "under development".

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