Nintendo 3DS
Image: Damien McFerran / Nintendo Life

Last month saw Nintendo finally shut down the online servers for the Wii U and 3DS' Nintendo Network. It was a sad day, for sure, but there have been a brave few who, in the month since, have kept the dream alive (thanks, GamesRadar).

Yes, a certain group slipped through the cracks of Nintendo's shutdown and has been able to remain online for the ensuing days and weeks. Two players, @fishguy6564 and @marioiscool246 (to use their Twitter handles), have been running the final Mario Kart 7 lobby for the past month, programming two bots to race each other endlessly. Well, it was 'endlessly'.

In a dramatic twist usually reserved for episode four of a six-part Netflix drama, @marioiscool246's 3DS froze while speeding around the Luigi's Mansion circuit. After 13,151 races, only @fishguy6564 remains on the Mario Kart 7 servers — albeit trapped in the lobby with nobody to play against.

In total, this means that there are only four known players left on the Nintendo Network as a whole. At least, that's according to @GaffsNotLaffs who has been keeping track of those remaining via the 'Nintendo Network After Hours' Discord server. While fishguy6564 is the last in the 3DS driver's seat, the Wii U servers still have one active player in Super Mario Maker, Splatoon and Xenoblade Chronicles X respectively.

We're hoping that the remaining 'Elite Four' can hold on as long as possible, honestly, though they are dropping fast. Last week, Eeveh-roo-deh (イーヴェルーデ) disconnected from the Xenoblade Chronicles X server while a player by the name of Amanda finally dropped out of the Pokémon X & Y servers, sounding the death knell for Gen VI's online connectivity.

We'll be keeping an eye on those that remain to see just how long the servers can be kept alive.

What do you make of the remaining few keeping the Nintendo Network memory alive? Let us know in the comments.

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