Advance Wars
Image: Nintendo, WayForward

Yesterday, during the latest Indie World presentation, WayForward revealed Yars Rising - a new Metroidvania based on the classic Atari franchise.

Veteran game designer James Montagna is directing this new project and apparently has a new outlook on game design after teaming up with Nintendo for last year's release Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp.

Here's the eye-opening experience Nintendo's game makers apparently had on him (via Game File):

“It’s like seeing a color that doesn’t exist. Like, there's no name for that color. I couldn't have imagined it before. But once you've been touched by that and you see that, it's like, you just can't see it another way.”

Many developers have mentioned how they've grown up as fans of Nintendo's games and idolising famous faces like Shigeru Miyamoto, so it's always nice to hear stories like this. Just last year, the Metroid Dread team MercurySteam described working with Nintendo as a "game-changing experience".

Yars is scheduled to arrive later this year on the Switch eShop and Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp can be purchased now.

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