Update [Wed 25th Oct, 2023 15:25 BST]: Nintendo has now released the trailer in English, showcasing the location, characters, and many of the microgames you'll be encountering in WarioWare: Move It! on 3rd November.

Embracing the traditional craziness of the series by mixing weird minigames and nods to Nintendo's history and IPs, WarioWare: Move It!'s games are based around Forms — using both Joy-Con controllers, you'll need to get into position for each microgame and follow the instructions on-screen.

Check out the English trailer above and let us know if you're picking this title up next week in the comments.

Original article [Wed 18th Oct, 2023 03:05 BST]:

Following a round of previews for WarioWare: Move It!, Nintendo has now released a new overview trailer for the game.

Although it's only in Japanese at the moment, if it's like other overview trailers, Nintendo will probably localise it. In it, you can see three whole minutes of micro-game action from Nintendo-themed games to some completely random ones.

We thoroughly enjoyed our own "hands on" with WarioWare: Move It!. You can also check out some other thoughts in our previews round up.

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