Panzer Dragoon
Image: Forever Entertainment

Forever Entertainment - known for remaking Panzer Dragoon and The House of the Dead - has teased there's more to come.

In a recent Famitsu interview, it seems there is more on the way now that the Front Mission 1st: Remake is done. Here's what the company's president CEO Zbigniew Dębicki had to say (via Nintendo Everything):

"I think even during this year we’ll be able to announce a new remake, so players can look forward to that!"

He added how there are already many other games the company wants to release, while also referencing the possibility of taking on more western remakes.

Forever Entertainment is also working on Fear Effect Reinvented, but there have been no updates about the project since a teaser trailer was released last August. The company has also got Front Mission 2 and 3 in the pipeline, but the second one was delayed earlier this year.

What other remakes would you like to see from this company? Comment below.

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