Hollow Knight
Image: Team Cherry

If last week's Indie World taught us anything, it's that people are ready — really, really ready — for some Silksong news. While the showcase brought us no joy on that front (realistically, it was always going to be saved for a larger Direct) it did get us thinking about leaping back into Hollow Knight.

If, however, you have never gotten around to picking up Team Cherry's deliciously difficult metroidvania, then the current Switch eShop discount might just provide you with the perfect excuse.

Yes, the game is now 50% off on both the North American and EU Switch eShops, bringing it down to a tasty $7.99 / £5.49 / €7.49. We don't want to go all Godfather-y with "an offer you can't refuse", but that saving sure is tempting.

If you wanted to get in on the action, then you better dash over to the eShop pretty swiftly, as the sale will only be sticking around for another two days, finishing on 26th April. Yes, we're not quite at the deadline yet, but it's always good to be prepared with these things.

We're sure that many of you will have already taken the game for a spin, but if you have been curious about what all of the Silksong chatter has been about, then this seems like a pretty perfect excuse to try it out from the start.

Hollow Knight is but one of a few quality indie titles currently seeing a discount over on the NA Switch eShop including Dead Cells, Signalis, Cuphead and many more. For the full list, be sure to check out the article below.

Is this sale enough to tempt you into Hollow Knight? Let us know in the comments.