Final Fantasy Tactics
Image: Square Enix

It has been a few months now since we last caught rumours of a Final Fantasy Tactics remaster, but this isn't to say that we have stopped thinking about it. Today, the thoughts of a Switch port are once again on our minds after a recent interview with Theatrhythm Final Bar Line producer Ichiro Hazama and director Masanobu Suzui hinted at the project once more (thanks, Kitguru).

Hosted by French site Finaland, the interview discusses the upcoming Final Fantasy rhythm game, touching on topics such as its relation to the series so far, changes made to the format and the types of characters that we are likely to see this time around. When asked about the absence of characters from Final Fantasy Tactics, Hazama stated that the game's development team is currently "incredibly busy" on "another project". Check out his expanded response below:

The Tactics team is incredibly busy at the moment, they have other things to do. They are heavily involved in another project at the moment so we just don’t have time to talk to them.

It's no confirmation of a remaster, for sure (after all, the team could be working on any other project outside of Theatrhythm), but we do now know that there is something in the pipeline, and that something is being worked on by all of the Final Fantasy Tactics guys.

Hmmm, an official announcement is definitely in order to put this one to bed, we'd say. Ever since that GeForce Leak back in 2021, we have been keeping our fingers crossed for a Tactics remaster and perhaps that could be the very game being hinted at here. Only time will tell...

To read this response in full as well as the answers to all of the other questions, be sure to check out the complete interview over on Finaland.

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