Inazuma Eleven
Image: Level-5

Level-5 shocked us all with its surprise appearance at the February Nintendo Direct Showcase (where both Fantasy Life i: The Girl Who Steals Time, Professor Layton and the New World of Steam and DECAPOLICE were announced) and now the previously operation-reducing studio is back with more news as founder Akihiro Hino has announced that it will be hosting an online event of its own later this month.

Taking to Twitter to update fans on the progress of the much-delayed Inazuma Eleven: Victory Road of Heroes, Hino stated that all will be revealed in an online event in late February. A rough translation of the full message (via Google) can be found below.

"Inazuma Eleven Heroes' Victory Road" will be released at the Level 5 online event scheduled for the end of February, so please wait for a while.

For a while now, we have assumed that the latest in the studio's football series would not be making its way out West since the company announced that it was cutting back on global distribution in 2020. However, the recent reveals of more Fantasy Life and Professor Layton projects at the European Direct suggest that things may not be quite as clean-cut as they initially seemed.

While Hino only acknowledged Inazuma Eleven in his message about the online event, there is every chance that these newly-revealed titles will get some discussion too. There is no set time listed for the event just yet so we are a way off finding out what details are in the pipeline for sure. But come on, a little speculation never hurt anyone!

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