Pocket Card Jockey
Image: Game Freak

As we all know by now (we hope), the 3DS and Wii U eShops will unfortunately be shutting down on March 27th, 2023.

This of course means that in just a couple of months time, you'll no longer be able to purchase or download new games onto your 3DS or Wii U. Until that time, if your Nintendo Account is shared across your Switch, 3DS, and Wii U, you can still add funds up until the closure date, so be sure to mop up any remaining purchases while you still have time.

One person who is also unsurprisingly unhappy about the closure is none other than Masao Taya, veteran of Game Freak and director of the cult classic 3DS game, Pocket Card Jockey. While talking with VGC about the launch of the Apple Arcade version of the game, he spoke with fondness about the 3DS eShop, acknowledging the reason behind the closure yet nevertheless expressing his sadness over the situation:

“The games industry is a fiercely competitive space that has continued to develop from its inception to the present day.

“So when you consider that businesses have to keep offering larger numbers of releases in order to offer users newer and more stimulating games, I think the closure of e-shops is unavoidable. With that said, the 3DS eShop was where the original Pocket Card Jockey was sold, and it had a lot of other interesting games, so I personally feel sad at its loss.

“Nintendo is a company that has a long history and is a leader in the games industry. I feel that it is passionate about providing an environment where customers can play classic, nostalgic games, including titles from other companies, as with the current Nintendo Switch Online. I think that this is wonderful. I would be delighted if one day the original Pocket Card Jockey could get a second life with a seat at the classic games table.”

We feel you, Taya. We're sad too. That said, the director also recently spoke about the prospect of Pocket Card Jockey making its way to the Switch, stating that "we want to see the reaction we get and then we’ll think about the next step". Here's hoping the game does well enough to grace the Switch eShop in due course!

What do you make of Masao Taya's comments on the upcoming eShop closure? Are there still some games you're hoping to pick up before the end of March? Let us know!

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