Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope came out a little over a month ago now and was instantly met by high praise indeed (scoring 8/10 in our review). If the first game in the series is anything to go by, then we can see this sequel being something of a sleeper hit thanks to some nice eShop discounts in the coming years. If, however, the urge to get involved hasn't gone away in the past month (despite a pretty intimidating looking battle system) then Nintendo's newest video guide has your back.

Similar to what the company set out to do with its Splatoon 3 tutorial video back in August, here Nintendo breaks down everything that you will need to know about Sparks of Hope before purchasing. This includes a whistle-stop tour of the movement mechanics, weapon types, Spark abilities and enemy attacks. Revision starts now, we guess.

While it might seem a little strange to be releasing such a tutorial all these weeks after the game came out, we appreciate that Nintendo is making an effort to unpack some of its titles which may seem a little more confusing and show that there is still fun to be had. True, Sparks of Hope didn't score quite as highly in our review as the excellent Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, but there is still a lot of good to be found here if you can get past a perceived distaste for turn-based action.

This tutorial video comes just months before we are expecting to see Sparks of Hope's first Season Pass exclusive DLC in the shape of the not-at-all-spookily-named 'Tower of Doooom'. This will be followed by two more packages, the last of which will see the return of ageing Ubisoft mascot, Rayman.

Have you been enjoying sparks of hope so far? Use your turn to pipe down to the comments and let us know!