Before Splatoon 3 splats onto our screens on September 9th, Nintendo has released a new five-minute trailer which serves as a beginner's guide to the world and shenanigans of Splatsville. (Thanks, GoNintendo!)

We have learned much about the upcoming sequel over the past few weeks, and with a Nintendo Treehouse Presentation scheduled to give us even more info this Thursday, there is plenty of inky goodness to keep our minds firmly on the ever-nearing release date.

If you have never played a Splatoon game before then all of this information may have somewhat thrown you in at the deep end. Fortunately, Nintendo's new five-minute video serves as a beginner's guide to the game, so you can be up to date on all your squid information by the time the game drops. From basic movement mechanics to weapon specifics, check out the above video if you are starting from scratch or feel like you need a refresher course.

The trailer also gives yet another sneak peek at the new single-player story mode - highlighting it as the perfect place to work on your skills before entering online battles.

In other Splatoon 3 news, we recently got to experience some hands-on gameplay for many of the upcoming game modes and you can now read our thoughts on what we got to play. Don't forget, tomorrow you'll be able to boot up the Splatfest World Premier demo, and we're also expecting to find out even more details via the Treehouse Presentation so keep your eyes peeled!

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