Disney Speedstorm
Image: Gameloft

Remember back in the hazy days of this February's Nintendo Direct when Disney Speedstorm was announced to be coming to Switch in the Summer? That obviously never came into fruition, and now the developer, Gameloft, has made the decision to delay the game further into next year.

In a statement sent out via the official @SpeedstormGame Twitter account, the team shared the message that the game would not be available for 2022 as planned. According to the post, it appears that Speedstorm is just not currently up to the standards that the developers expect and it will continue to work on the title to provide "a more immersive racing experience, customization offerings, game modes and more".

For the full statement, check out the announcement below.

While it is always a shame to see a game like this getting pushed back, it is refreshing to see that the team is continuing to work to create the best experience possible. We have seen too many cases as of late where a game is released in a pre-launch state and it ruins the experience for all those who were eager to get their hands on a copy - not naming any names here, of course.

The release date is currently listed as some point in 2023 - hardly the specificity that we hoped for, but at least it isn't indefinite. We will be sure to update you all when a more precise date is revealed.

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