Breath of the Wild Yiga
Image: Nintendo

All those of us who have played The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (and seriously, is there anybody left out there who hasn't played it yet?) will know of the pain of the Yiga Clan. Just when you are low on health, right as there is something that you would really rather be doing right now, the Clan members descend and cause all kinds of nuisance - particularly if you happen to stumble across a Yiga Blademaster.

But what if you could ensure that these big hitters caused you no damage? Then they would be quite the crew to roll with while you are out on your travels, right? Well, this latest discovery from Gaming Reinvented lets you do just that (just don't expect them to be friendly, ok?)

In their latest video (found below), Gaming Reinvented explores a glitch that lets you lead many Yiga Blademasters - Pied Piper style - out of their hideout and around Hyrule with you. The best part is, you can remove their weapons so they cause you no damage!

The glitch itself is relatively straight forward. As many who were brave enough to take on a Bladesmaster in the Yiga Clan Hideout will surely remember, one shot at one of these big guys brings a whole army of sword-wielding ninjas to your location and it takes a whole lotta running to get them off your tail.

If, however, you are patient enough to guide these alerted Blademasters out of the hideout and over to Gerudo Town (staying just far ahead enough to avoid getting slashed, of course) then you can ensure that all of these bad boys have their weapons permanently confiscated. Any attempt to head into the town without your Vai disguise will result in you being halted at the gates and sent away. But this hold-up also removes all weapons of any Yiga who are unfortunate enough to find themselves stalking you at the time.

What you are left with is a whole bunch of Bladesman who follow you around as if they are going to attack, but their swordless little hands just swing into the air without causing you any damage! Just like that, the Hyrule Lone Ranger is not so lonely after all and can strut around the map with his crew of big burly Yiga behind him without any risk of damage.

Of course, you will only be able to pick up this many Blademasters from the Hideout if you haven't already cleared it out. If you have, then you will have to find them elsewhere before heading to Gerudo Town - just walking along any road for long enough should do the trick!

Hey, it might not be the most game-changing find, but it sure looks cool to be part of the Yiga-ng.

What do you make of this glitch? Rock up with your Yiga crew in the comments below to let us know!