Yiga Clan Member
Image: YouTube: ThornyFox

It turns out Link is not the only one who can pull the Master Sword in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. YouTube channel ThornyFox recently uploaded a clip of a member of the Yiga Clan stealing the iconic sword.

There are admittedly some glitches to get this enemy to appear in The Lost Woods, but after this Link can watch on. The downside is the mighty sword gets "deleted" from this sacred space. Here are the motivations behind this experiment, along with a look:

"The Yiga Clan will take anything they see on the ground, even weapons! So I decided to glitch one into Korok Forest and bring him to the Master Sword. Is a Yiga worthy enough to pick up the sword that seals the darkness? Time to find out!"

It's not necessarily the first time we've seen a character other than Link pull the Master Sword in Breath of the Wild, but most of the previous attempts have been done with the assistance of mods. Remember Luigi?

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