Splatoon 3 Lockers
Image: Nintendo

There is a lot of new content that will be heading to Splatoon 3 next week with the arrival of Chill Season 2022. New stages, game modes, weapons and cosmetic items have obviously taken up the majority of our talk so far, but what about the things for those who like to keep things tidy out there? Fortunately, Nintendo is keeping you all in mind and will enable you to fold your clothes for locker displays!

The changes coming to locker storage were announced via the game's Japanese Twitter account (@SplatoonJP), confirming that of the many new items with which you will soon be able to decorate your lockers, a neat little pile of t-shirts could be one of them - they can also be leaned, hung or otherwise displayed, whatever takes your fancy.

Of course, the announcement wasn't all about the ability to fold your clothes - that would be a little too precise, even for us! The account also revealed a whole host of new items that will soon be adorning our lockers. These include a range of school-themed goodies (rucksacks, folders, water bottles and the like) and new stickers.

A creatively designed locker is the sign of a true Splatoon player, but don't mistake this talk of neatness as a sign that all lockers need to be held to the same level of perfection. In fact, when the game was first released we had a right giggle over some of the lockers which were slightly less conventional - you can find a collection of these in the article below. Here's hoping that the new folding mechanic and items lead to some equally, erm, creative designs in the coming months.

What are you the most excited to see in Chill Season 2022? Splat your way to the comments to let us know!

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