S3 Lockers
Image: Nintendo

If you have read near enough any of the articles here at Nintendo Life over the past few weeks, you will know that we are serious fans of Splatoon 3. The game seems to balance those little quirks that made the former games so successful, with just enough new features that the latest entry really does feel like "the pinnacle of the series" (as our glowing review so succinctly puts it).

But of all the new features, there is one which stands head and shoulders above the rest. "What is this new game-changing feature of which you speak?" we hear you ask, "is it the incredibly fun Salmon Run, now consistently playable? The wonderful new story mode? The fresh maps for Turf War Battles?" No, it's the locker thing.

Providing us all with our own customisable lockers was always going to be a recipe for some top-tier humour. '"This will be a fun little extra", Nintendo must have thought, "there's no way people are going to make this weird online". Oh Nintendo, you're adorable.

Ever since the game's release, we have been loving the locker laughs which have popped up on our social media feeds. From the creative, to the downright nightmare-inducing (by way of a whole lotta Moai heads), the chance to browse the community's lockers has thrown up more than a few good times on our end, and here we have collected some of our favourites to share with you.

So sit back, relax, and come take a look through other people's stuff! Let's kick things off with Splatoon 3's favourite locker boy: the Moai head.

While there are certainly a huge number of lockers out there that people have clearly poured time into making look as aesthetically pleasing as possible, there is a certain joy that comes from those who take a slightly more deranged approach. For example, there are some who opt to take a walk on the threatening side (although the simplicity really made us chuckle here):

Next, we've got even more pure nightmare fuel — the first in particular gaining the appropriate reaction — but isn't the second just as bad? It really goes to show that you can take the gamer out of Among Us, but you can't take Among Us out of the gamer (or something like that):

We'll round things off with this kooky little number which seems to defy the laws of physics by its very existence. How you can't hear it when you shut the door is beyond us — it must be a magical locker:

It's been less than a week and these are still making us laugh. There's no way that this joke is going to get old, right?

To browse the Locker Room, you're required to reach Rank Four, so if you are not there just yet then take this time to get planning your comical masterpiece.

What does your Splatoon 3 locker look like? Let us know your organised/funny/upsetting aesthetic in the comments below, and make sure to check out the best deals on the game if you're still looking to buy a copy.